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7 Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship

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7 Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship

7 Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship

[Last Updated on May 16th 2014]

Sometimes in a romantic relationship one partner might feel it’s time to move on. Sometimes this is inevitable and there is a risk that the other person doesn’t know it. Its common when a couple realize there is a physical distance, they didn’t notice the early signs of emotional distance. Do you feel things turning sour with your partner? Do you feel its not the same as before? Everyone can identify when something is not good in our relationship, but sometimes we prefer to avoid the truth or we are just misinterpreting facts.

7 Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship

Signs of emotional distance:

Lack of spontaneity– If laughing about anything is difficult, playing in the grass or doing something wild or crazy is prohibited consider how serious or predictable you are and how novelty is escaping from the routine.

Absence of romance– They don’t say romantic words to you, although were tender at the beginning, you start to feel that its more like friendship than a romantic relationship.

Lack of sexual satisfaction– If you don’t feel the same when you make love to that special person, or that person tells you that it’s not the same, you don’t do it at the same frequency or if there are sexual difficulties in one of the partners, this might be a sign of distance.

Lack of attention– You start feeling disinterest about the other person’s life, needs, and don’t share things.

You don’t feel support, solidarity, or emotional confidence toward that special person, it’s common to look for a refuge like friends, work, hobbies, social contact, anything to avoid the responsibilities and realities at home with your partner.

You start creating social relationships or bonds with others where your partner is not included or mentioned at all. You might start looking for new friendships or new people and you feel accepted. Its possible to keep talking with people without mentioning that you’re in a relationship.

The unsatisfied person will look for self-validation and self-esteem from others when he or she feels they’re not receiving enough love, compassion, or even physical signs of love.

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