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I have a Tender Heart. What Kind of Heart Do You Actually Have?

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I have a Tender Heart. What Kind of Heart Do You Actually Have?

I Have a Tender Heart. What Type of Heart Do You Actually Have?

Time and again, we have heard about people with tender, compassionate hearts. This overused phrase is often used to describe individuals, especially those who perform certain activities:

Those who mourn over lost loved ones
Those who care for young children
Those who tend to the homeless

What Type of Heart Do You Actually Have?

To be succinct, the phrase describes strong feelers. And while popular culture praises these tender, compassionate hearts, recent scientific studies have alerted us to the dangers of emotional stress.

Emotional Stress and Women’s Hearts

According to a recent study, women who suffered from coronary heart disease underwent greater blood flow reduction when recalling stressful events. This blood flow reduction was three times greater in women aged 55 and younger than men, and the reduction was two times greater in women aged 56 to 64 than men. Women and men resulted similarly for physical stress tests.

Young women who develop heart disease suffer disproportionately to men. Listed below are several stressors in young women’s lives that place them in risk:

Care of young children
Troubled marriages
Jobs with too many duties
Care of elderly parents

The details within this list can dramatically increase blood flow reduction, but the percentage of women who suffer from depression or a similar disease may be at an even greater risk.

Remain in Good Cheer, Young Women

Another study, performed in March 2014, showed young women suffer from coronary artery disease when emotionally stressed. Though larger arteries remain clear, they feel chest pain because smaller, connecting arteries have narrowed. And the main cause for this narrowing is anger. Other tests, such as performing mental arithmetic, gave less stringent coronary artery disease results.

Now scientific proof has been provided for why angry, mean characters tend to die younger than their happy, cheerful counterparts. Worrying excessively over others, taking on too much responsibility, and becoming angry over trivial matters will lead women with heart disease to an early grave. We must share this information to our loved ones and stop them from leading an emotionally stressed lifestyle, or else suffer the consequences.

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