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Breasts Facts: 12 Things You didn’t Know About 8oobs

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Breasts Facts: 12 Things You didn't Know About 8oobs

Breasts Facts: 12 Things You didn’t Know About 8oobs

Did you know that:

  • The women of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway have the largest breasts in the world.
  • World’s biggest breast implants are a size 38KKK
  • The average breast weight is around 1.1 pounds
  • One breast is usually one fifth of a cup larger than the other
  • Bra and its sizing is invented in 1920s by Ida Rosenthal and her husband, founders of Maidenform.
  • 80 percent of women wear bras that are the wrong size for them.
  • Breast enlargement may lead to higher risk of suicide
  • The left breast is usually larger
  • 1 in 18 people is born with 3 nipples.
  • Men can lactate too
  • Norma Stitz, a 52-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, has the world’s largest natural breasts (as reportedly confirmed by Guinness) — 102ZZZs. That’s 3.5 feet of cleavage and each side weighs in at 56 pounds.
  • The average woman now wears a 34DD-sized bra.

Check out this infographic that shows some amazing facts about large breasts:

large breasts facts

Learn some more interesting breasts facts in this video:

[Last Updated on June 4th 2014]

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