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How The Point Of Longevity, Permanent Healing And Rejuvenation Can Be Accomplished With This Technique

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How The Point Of Longevity, Permanent Healing And Rejuvenation Can Be Accomplished With This Technique

How The Point Of Longevity, Permanent Healing And Rejuvenation Can Be Accomplished With This Technique

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The key to longevity, the fountain of youth, the elixir of life. …These all are offering the same thing, and it may be more attainable than you think. The acupressure point on the human body called Zu San Li or The Point of Longevity promises permanent healing and rejuvenation. Also referred to as the point of 100 diseases, this point is easy to massage and is generally safe for everyone to do. However, pregnant women shouldn’t have acupuncture at this point unless they are in labor.

What Working The Zu San Li Point Promises

You might not feel it working right off, but massaging this point is said to do all of the following and more.


Nausea brought on by smells
Rumbling intestines
Stomach pain
Ringing in the ears
Water retention
Anxiety and confusion
Numbness in the legs

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Heart palpitations
Imaginary pains


Blood Pressure
Insulin levels
Immune system

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Gets Rid Of:

Urinary incontinence



This point is also worked to strengthen the immune system, improve memory

There are those who swear by it, and acupressure and acupuncture are both accepted forms of healing. However, it is also proven that working this point will have some major benefits. Both humans and animals in the throes of illness were immediately cured when acupuncture was done on this point.

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Locating Zu San Li

Sit on the floor, and bend your legs until your upper thighs are pressed up against your body. With feet flat on the floor, lift the soles of your feet off the floor. The muscle that pops out about four inches below the bottom of your knee cap on the outer sides of your legs is the Zu San Li point. Also, see references below.

Working The Zu San Li Point

It is completely painless to massage this point. You can massage it with the tips of your fingers or your thumb. Healing also takes place when a clove of garlic cut in half is fixed to this point, the sliced side facing the skin until the area turns red. Simply applying constant pressure to this point for a few seconds at a time is said to be sufficient to benefit from its healing properties.

For Longevity

As a routine practice, massage the area each morning and before lunch.

Method: Massage the point on each leg for nine seconds in a clockwise, circular motion. Go from one leg to the other for a total of ten minutes.

For weight loss

Lose weight by massaging this point on each leg in a counter-clockwise circular motion each evening, but not right before bedtime or it could cause insomnia. By doing this consistently, you should lose about a pound a week.


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