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3 Reasons To Put Your Man’s Phone Down!

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3 Reasons To Put Your Man's Phone Down!

3 Reasons To Put Your Man’s Phone Down!

Is It Ever Okay to Read Your Spouse’s E-mail, phone or messages?

We all know that feeling, your husband gets up to go to the bathroom. He forgets his phone! You start fighting the urge to plunge in its direction. You fully trust your man that’s not an issue, you are just curious. This for most women, is similar to leaving a child in a room with cookies on the table, expecting them not to eat one. We are drawn to snoop; but studies show it may cause more harm than good! Here are 3 reasons you should put that phone down.

Is It Ever Okay to Read Your Spouses Email

1. Increased Stress Levels

Not only does it demonstrate some level (no matter how small) of distrust, snooping can increase your stress levels. Unbeknownst to you, the moment you notice your husband has left his phone your adrenaline and cortisol levels start increase. This can turn into a cycle each time your spouse gets up to leave. If they leave their phone, your stress hormones shoot up. If they take their phone with them, you are left wondering why. It sets up an unhealthy cycle of suspicion.

2. Practice Habits

Studies have shown that the happiest people are those who do not act out certain negative thoughts. From time to time, most of us wonder whether our spouse would cheat on us. It is important not to dwell on that thought unless there is a legitimate reason. This promotes a peaceful marriage.

3. Lack of Trust= Distant Husband

Most husbands will admit that constantly being placed under the microscope at home for no reason leads them to distance themselves. Common sense knows that if there are signs of infidelity they need to be investigated, but in most cases it is sheer curiosity. A wife needs to remember that snooping could cost her love-making with her husband.

Checking your husband’s phone could satisfy your curiosity but kill your marriage. It is important to demonstrate trust to a man who deserves it, and keep the negative thoughts out. An environment of mutual trust is healthy for both husband and wife.

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