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How To Make Up After a Fight

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How To Make Up After a Fight

How To Make Up After a Fight

Tired of frequent fights then trying to make up with your spouse? Fights and arguments are common in most relationships but you can take corrective measures to mend them instantly, you both know that this is not going to last forever.

How To Make Up After a Fight

Here are some techniques that can help you make up after a fight:

• Wait and Assess

This should be your first step towards mending things. If you are both angry and it seems this issue is going to blow up then one of you should act wisely, setting aside your ego. Detach yourself from the argument and wait until you are calm. Ask yourself if you are at fault, this will help you plan the making up process. You can discuss the issue with family or a friend who will give good advice.

• Talk

Don’t be stubborn or jump to conclusions without talking to your partner or you might regret it, communication is key to success. A good healthy conversation can heal the biggest of wounds. Tell him/her what bothered you and listen without judgment to their point of view. It’s important to talk when you are both calm, and to get everything out in the open to avoid a repeat occurrence.

• Admit When You’re Wrong

Apologize! You will feel better and things will adjust. Maybe you were right but worded it badly, or said it in a way that was not respectful. Accept fault and try to improve. Your partner will respect you for this which will take you a long way.

• Involve Humor

The best remedy for anger is humor. Make funny faces to make your partner laugh. Remind him/her of funny times that made you both laugh out loud. You can also send funny videos or pictures to your partner to make them smile.

• Touching Message

We often have problems with confrontation. You can choose to write a touching note and send it to your partner. Express your feelings and tell them how you feel. Discuss solutions to getting things back on track. We can be more expressive when writing, completely honest, without starting another argument.

• Forgiving Attitude

It’s important to keep a forgiving attitude. Don’t panic about things your partner has been consistently bad at. Remember no one is perfect and you also have flaws. Accept your partner as he/she is. A forgive and forget attitude will help you in all aspects of life. Your partner should respect this and try not to repeat mistakes.

• Discuss solutions

If you two have been fighting often about the same issue, talk about it and find a solution. Don’t let it ruin your wonderful relationship.

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