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She Weighed Over 400 Pounds! She Shares Her Weight Loss Strategy Here

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She Weighed Over 400 Pounds! She Shares Her Weight Loss Strategy Here

An inspiring “Before and after” story of transformation, Kaitlyn Smith’s 200 – pound weight loss serves as encouragement to those battling with obesity. At the tender age of 16, Kaitlyn was already feeling the
isolation and rejection suffered by those who are overweight. Now 19, her goal is to pay it forward by sharing a real, transparent and personal view of her successful weight loss journey.

She Weighed Over 400 Pounds! It Took Her 15 Month To Look Like She Looks Now

In addition to inspiring others through her story, Kaitlyn has also created a video wherein she shares the practical tips and strategies she used in her weight reduction program. Unlike professional pep talk and instructional videos, Caitlin’s video is personable and presented in a real and practical style.

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Obesity can result in a distorted self-image. Besides dealing with related health concerns, those who are overweight often face undue social pressures and stigmas. Although these pressures and stigmas have been perceived and conquered by someone of such a tender age, the success of Kaitlyn Smith should, at the very least, be embraced as a catalyst to begin one’s own successful journey in weight reduction and personal transformation.

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