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Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!

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Powerful Inspirational true story...Never give up!

This is one of the most touching videos I have ever seen. Forget all the reasons why it wont work and believe the one reason why it will. When you don’t give up..You cannot fail!

The athlete in this video is Derek Redmond and here’s his story according to Wikipedia:
“Derek Anthony Redmond is a retired British athlete. During his career, he held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres relay at the World Championships and European Championships.
However his career was blighted by a series of injuries, and he is best remembered for his performance at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona where he tore his hamstring in the 400 metres semi-final but fought through the pain and, with assistance from his father, managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. The incident has become a well-remembered moment in Olympic history, having been the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee’s ‘Celebrate Humanity’ videos.”


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