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20 Ways To Tell A Man You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

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20 Ways To Tell A Man You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

20 Ways To Tell A Man You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

Wow, that guy you just met was awesome! How do you tell him nonverbally that you’re interested? According to Laurel House, founder of No Games Love, it’s none of the things you’d typically think of. Her list?

Ways To Tell A Man You Like Him Without Actually Saying It


If you aren’t sure how to expand on those items, the following list may help.

•Be a genuinely good listener. A guy likes to know that you care about what’s inside his head.

•Converse intelligently. Guys respect intelligence.

•Ask his opinion on something intelligent other than religion or politics.

•Find a common interest with him, or two or three.

•With a flirtatious smile, open a door for him.

•Get him a token gift. A water bottle with his favorite team logo, a book he’d like to read or anything to let him know you were thinking of him.

•Be present, be mannerly; focus on him whether you’re listening or talking.

•Brush up on the latest gadgets for guys and ask him if he’s heard of one or two of them.

•You may not be Julia Child, but bake him something, even if it comes from a mix.

•Catch his eye from across the room and with a lift of your eyebrows, let him know that you would like to get to know him.

•Anticipate a need. If his drink is low, offer to refill it. If he’s carrying a lot of stuff, hold the door for him. If he seems to have a kink in his shoulders, massage it.

•Let him be a gentleman. If he opens your door, smile and politely say thank you.

•Be feminine in your appearance and your demeanor. You don’t have to be helpless or desperate.

•Dress modestly. Not only will this make you stand out, it will pique his interest.

•If you’re sitting, cross your legs the next time he looks at you and let your shoe dangle from your toes.

•Smile, smile, smile; act like you’re having a good time. Happiness is a very attractive quality.

•Put your hand on his arm during the conversation.

•Compliment him and hold his gaze a second or two longer than you normally would.

•Twirl your hair around your finger, especially if you have long hair.

•Have a sense of humor and tease him a little, but be nice about it.

Above all, realize that he is a human being and has feelings. Be respectful of him and yourself and have fun, no matter the outcome!

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