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Guess the Most Generous Gender?

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Guess the Most Generous Gender?

Guess the Most Generous Gender?

Female or Male: Which gender is the most generous?

Generosity is when a person is kind, giving, and unselfish. When people are in need, who do you see giving more often? Or during holidays, who gives more gifts? You may guess that women are the most generous in almost any scenario. Is it because they have more of a motherly persona instilled upon them or some other reason? The following studies show interesting results as to whether women really are more generous than men:

Guess the Most Generous Gender

A new study by UC Berkeley economists suggests that women seem to be more generous than men overall due to social pressure. At least, when it comes to giving in charitable ways. This experiment from 2008 to 2009 on altruism (selflessness) examined whether women were more generous due to social pressure or pure altruism.

A 2012 compilation of records of charity, by Union College in New York, revealed some interesting gender differences in charitable giving. The records held 31 years of data suggesting that women are more likely to be generous in donating. Even though women gave more often than men, their donations were smaller.

There has also been an experiment on gender differences in generosity with door-to-door soliciting. The experiment was done in a wealthy neighborhood in Chicago. Generosity was measured by the amount of money donated by men and women. The results showed that the genders gave equally when they were not given warnings of the solicitors coming to their homes. However, when there were warning given more women that were generous. This suggests that women are only more generous when solicitor is hard to avoid. They tend to donate more because of social influences. On the contrary, men are not persuaded by social influences. This could be due to men having a simpler thought process. Men seem to be more focused on the issues at hand, whereas, women are emotional and can give in to a change of plans.

Women are more generous, but when they give it is in smaller amounts. They also are more easily persuaded by social influences. When women are more generous in relationships, it could be that society expects them to have a mothering personality. Women are generally taught to be more nurturing, therefore they are more generous in nature. Men are less emotional and less likely to be persuaded by social influences. They are more straight and to the point on given tasks. So yes women are definitely the more generous gender. They are easily influenced by emotions and needs of others. Also, they are more moldable to social requests. There are some men that are like that, but it is obvious that women are the more generous gender!

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