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7 Secrets The Weight loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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7 Secrets The Weight loss Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

7 Secrets The Weight loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Eat right, exercise – weight loss is simple, right? Not exactly. There are so many conflicting tips out there that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. Plus, the weight loss industry’s loudest mouths are often delivering the wrong information. Here are seven secrets that major players in the diet industry don’t want you to know.

Secrets The Weight loss Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

1. Exercise Alone Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Some trainers claim that their special workout routine or gadget will burn off all the calories you need to cut – a claim that’s simply silly and impossible. The only way to lose weight and keep it off via exercise is to blend that working out with a sensible diet plan – period.

2. You Need Fat In Your Diet

Fat gets a bad rap, to be honest. The truth is that fat in general isn’t the enemy. Olive oil, avocados, fish, nuts… these things have plenty of good fat that your body needs to keep you feeling full. This type of fat will help you shed the pounds, not pack them on.

3. Dairy Can Help You Lose Weight

There are a lot of health “experts” out there who shun dairy because they claim that it makes people fat and that the body can’t process dairy the right way. When you have a calcium deficiency, though, you can gain weight, not lose it. Healthy dairy, like yogurt and low-fat cheese, can help with a weight loss regime thanks to the calcium these foods have.

4. Chocolate Isn’t Bad For You… Quite the Opposite, Actually!

Hershey bars in general aren’t a health food, but dark chocolate (high in cocoa, low in sugar and milk) is packed with antioxidants. When you eat dark chocolate in moderation, it can help you to lose weight. Plus, antioxidants keep arteries healthy and help your body fight fat deposits. Add unsweetened cocoa to recipes and get some dark chocolate squares when you need a fix.

5. Fidgeting Zaps Calories

Don’t sit still, no matter what your mother always told you – people who move around a lot burn a ton of calories. Even little motions, like tapping and squirming, can contribute to weight loss.

6. Air Filters Can Help You Lose Weight

According to a study from the College of Public Health at Ohio State University, being exposed to air pollution can make a person resistant to insulin, reduce their tolerance for glucose and add to inflammation. Air filters get rid of toxins and chemicals in the air, which helps ward off obesity.

7. 30 Minutes of Exercise Isn’t Enough

Exercising for half an hour a few days a week may be enough to keep your heart healthy, but it’s not nearly enough if you’re trying to slim down. People who are on a weight loss journey should work out for one hour most days a week (or every day, if you can swing it).

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