What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Love Issues

What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Love Issues

What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Love Issues

Are you having trouble in your close relationships? Understanding your zodiac sign might be the first step in solving your love issues. Recent scientific studies have revealed that some psychological and behavioral traits occur more often in people born in certain months. In fact, astrological psychology is closely related to the field of humanist psychology.

What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Love Issues

Each of the 12 signs is grouped into one of four elements that represent the group’s basic energy. Find your sign in the list below to see if it accurately describes your relationship troubles.

Fire Signs

The fire signs are the most forceful signs in the zodiac. People born under these signs crave action, and this can be exhausting for a partner.


Aries individuals are fiercely independent, and this can make a partner feel as if they aren’t needed. Aries can be very jealous in love as well, which can drive people away.


Leos can take charge too often, which can make them appear bossy. Leos can also spend too much money, which can put a strain on any relationship.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to be overly critical of their partners. They are often afraid of commitment and boredom.

Earth Signs

People born under earth signs are concerned with material pursuits and pleasures. They can also be stubborn.


A Taurus can be very stubborn and will often resist change, and he or she may be very jealous as well. People born under this sign are often regimented when it comes to money and spending habits, so a relationship with a big spender might cause contention.


A Virgo will put pressure on his or her partner to be disciplined and as close to perfect as possible. This is how a Virgo strives to live his or her life. Virgos can become very uncomfortable with partners who spend money too freely or keep a messy house.


Capricorns do not communicate their feelings, and they actually don’t like to talk much at all. This can lead a partner to think that a Capricorn is not interested. Capricorns can become uncomfortable with emotions, and they are not known for being comforting.

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