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8 Reasons Why It Hurts Down There

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8 Reasons Why It Hurts Down There

8 Reasons Why It Hurts Down There

Let’s face it. When we are experiencing problems “down there”, it can be embarrassing to bring up the topic with friends, family, and even your doctor. While some problems are severe and do require you to share with someone else, before you schedule an appointment, there are eight reasons why it hurts down there that can be treated while maintaining your dignity.

8 Reasons Why It Hurts Down There

For the Ladies

1. Tension and Anxiety

A recent study in Sweden revealed some shocking relations between female genital pain and anxiety or tension. This can include painful love-making and recurrent genital pain. Nine hundred and forty four women aged 18-35 were surveyed regarding genital pain and psychological analysis, and there was an obvious link between a life higher in tension and the recurrence of lady’s part pain and discomfort. A change in pace could be the cure.

2. Rupture of Corpus Luteum Cyst

While it may sound severe, the rupture of a corpus luteum cyst is not normally serious. These cysts produce hormones, and they play a part in keeping you pregnant and developing eggs. Sometimes they become swollen and can burst, and this can be painful. Unless you are pregnant or the pain lasts for more than a few days, you don’t need to call your doctor.

3. Ovulation

Once a month, women’s ovaries release an egg, and this is known as ovulation. Unfortunately, it causes Mittelschmerz, or “middle pain” since it occurs during mid-cycle. It often occurs on different sides each month and does not require medical attention.

4. Ovarian Cyst Torsion or Rupture

Ovarian cysts are common and are normally not cancerous. However, they can become twisted or ruptured, and this is sometimes painful and can cause bleeding. If you are experiencing bleeding and pain while not on your period, there is a chance this has happened to you, and it often does not require treatment But Its better to call your doctor.

For the Gentlemen

1. Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

If you have had a vasectomy recently and are experiencing pain, you could have post-vasectomy pain syndrome. This normally subsides gradually over time, but, if it continues longer than three months, it may be a good idea to have a professional analysis.

2. Temporary Fluid Congestion

Your pain may be caused by the anticipation of relief that never comes. If a love-making is interrupted, the male can be left with testicular pain. There is nothing that can be done to treat this pain other than release or waiting it out.

3. Balanitis

Proper hygiene can cause pain in the penis when you develop balanitis, and symptoms include:

Stretched foreskin

For Both Genders

Ingrown Hairs

Whether you manscape or get Brazilians, you can easily become victim of an ingrown hair. They can become irritated and itchy, and this can be embarrassing. Just as you would with a pimple, these can be treated by poking the area and squeezing until you remove the hair and discharge.


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