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5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mom

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5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mom

5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mom

Mom is clutch in almost any situation. You can ask her for advice, ask her for money, you can even ask her for compliments when you are feeling down. Moms have that innate ability to reassure us and help us get through difficult times.

There are some things we can ask our moms that may actually have a profound impact on how we live our lives or what sorts of life-threatening illnesses we may eventually develop. While illnesses are certainly a concern, other health benefits are readily available by knowing your mothers medical history. In fact, experts agree that knowing the right questions to ask may help in specific circumstances like pregnancy and even menopause. In regards to those issues, Dr. Tracy Gaudet, MD, executive director of Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke University stated, “Knowing your mother’s gynecological history can really arm you with what you need to know to take proactive steps in the future.”

5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mom

Here are 5 very important health questions you should consider asking your mother:

• Did you have pregnancy issues? – This is important because problem with egg production and health issues like endometriosis can be hereditary.

• What was menopause like? – The hot flashes, sleep deprivation, and night sweats associated with menopause can run in families. It’s important to not only know when your mother started menopause, but also the severity of her symptoms.

• How is your heart doing? – Heart disease is genetic and it is also the number one killer of women.

• Have you had breast, colon, or ovarian cancer? – These forms of cancer are highly hereditary and knowing as soon as possible can mean the difference in early detection or not.

• Have you ever been tested for glaucoma? – Glaucoma is a highly hereditary condition in which the optic nerve can be damaged to the point that it disconnects from the eye.

Our moms are used to questions from us. Talking to them about important health issues is just a part of growing up. It’s important to understand the right questions to ask your mom so you will be prepared for what could come in the future.

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