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10 Worst Foods For Your Skin

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10 Worst Foods For Your Skin

10 Worst Foods For Your Skin

Is your skin rough or not even although you follow a healthy diet? The culprits can be hidden in your diet under the guise of healthy food. Our food plays an important role in how we look. There is a common saying that you are what you eat, it’s true. Our food has the potential to affect the quality of our skin. Our overall health depends on what we eat and our skin is no exception, you can manage the quality of your skin just by making some modifications in your diet.

worst skin foods

Here is a list of some foods that are not skin-friendly.

Packaged and processed foods

According to experts overly processed and ready-to-eat foods are not good for your skin. During processing and packing many enzymes and nutrients are eliminated from the food. Another reason is because packaged foods have water removed to increase their shelf life.

Breads and cakes

This is something many love eating. Breads and cakes are foods that high on the glycemic index, a contributing factor in acne. Studies show that people who enjoy low glycemic foods have half the amount of acne than people who eat high glycemic ones. They increase glucose and insulin levels in the body helping cause skin problems.


Olestra is a synthetic fat found in low-fat foods like chips and bakery items. Companies that sell these products brag about the low fat levels but neglect to mention it removes antioxidants and essential vitamins from the body, often in the form of loose stools. Low-fat usually means a long list of chemicals, eat real food.


With the large demand for meat and less land to work with many farm owners treat their animals with growth-enhancing hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. Steroids make animals unhealthy and to gain fat quickly. When we make them a part of our diet we in some ways take in everything given to them, which is harmful for you and your skin.

Dairy products

Dairy foods are similar, cows and buffalo are given hormones so they lactate throughout the year, consuming a high amount of dairy has been linked to acne and mucus production. Experts suggest reducing consumption of dairy, and what you do eat enjoy in it’s natural full-fat form.


Many of us love sugar and some just can’t resist their cravings for the sweet stuff. Unfortunately it’s a big enemy of skin. Eating sugar weakens the immune system and removes the luster from your skin. It also increases wrinkle formation making you look older.

worst foods for your skin


Alcohol in excessive quantities is linked to liver toxicity which causes excess radicals to flow free in your body. Moderation is key!

Poor quality supplements

With our busy schedules many of us replace natural food with dietary supplements without knowing what is actually in them, this is not recommended. Some contain fillers, allergens, and other hidden ingredients which are not skin-friendly. When you buy a food supplement ensure they have a list of ingredients and quantities on their label and an expiration date.


Not getting enough water to help your body function correctly leads to dry skin, wrinkles, and acne. Experts recommend at least 6 8-ounce glasses each day, more if you exercise hard and/or are over or under your ideal weight.

Sushi and oysters

They may taste great but are not very healthy. They can contain deadly bacteria that can be fatal. Cook these foods before eating them, moderation is a good idea too.

This list is not exhaustive, by any means, there are many other foods that affect the quality of your skin. Before making any significant changes to your diet consult your physician.

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