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10 Things Girls Say And What They Really Mean

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10 Things Girls Say And What They Really Mean

10 Things Girls Say And What They Really Mean

Girls are complicated and are hard to understand. They have many emotions that can make what they say sound crazy. It’s not easy to decode them. Below you will discover ten things girls say and their actual meanings.

10 Things Girls Say And What They Really Mean

1. “Do I look fat in this outfit?”

Translation: “Don’t actually tell me if I look fat in it. Instead, tell me how beautiful I look in it.”

2. “That’s not what I meant!”

Translation: “I don’t like the way you reacted to what I said, so I am trying to think of a better way to explain it.”

3. “Yes, I came!”

Translation: “I may not have came, but I can see you are trying and don’t want you to be upset. I know how important it is to guys to get a woman to cum.”

4. “I’m too tired to make love.”

Translation: “I’m actually not in the mood but don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

5. “I don’t think I’m looking for a relationship right now.”

Translation: “I probably would consider a relationship if I saw more effort.”

6. “How many girls have you slept with?”

Translation: “What is the exact number, and how am I better than all of them?”

7. “I’m angry.”

Translation: “It would be nice if you didn’t walk away while I am explaining why I am so mad.”

8. “I’m okay.”

Translation: “I’m really not okay, and would think if you cared about me you could tell by my expressions and would continue asking how I actually feel.”

9. “I really like you.”

Translation: “I like you, but am impatiently waiting for signs that things will get serious enough that you will tell me you love me.”

10. “I love you.”

Translation: “I deeply and truly love you with all my heart. However, my heart is not something that can get played with: Handle with caution.”

A Texas Tech University conducted a study on what increases longevity of relationships and overall satisfaction within them. The results showed relationships last longer and have more satisfaction when there is an increase in positive nonverbal behaviors. Yes it is important to find out what a girl really means when she talks to you. In fact, most girls expect that a good partner will put effort into that. However, don’t forget the nonverbal aspects of a relationship. They are just as important.

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