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30 Creative Household Uses For Coca Cola

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30 Creative Household Uses For Coca Cola

30 Creative Household Uses For Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a very popular beverage that is loved by millions and consumed all over the world. In spite of its high sugar and caffeine content, devoted drinkers are addicted to this delicious and refreshing drink. While it’s recognized everywhere as a drink that is consumed, it has surprising and creative household uses that are quite unexpected. The carbonation in this beverage works well as a useful and powerful cleaning agent, an inexpensive beauty substitute and as a tasty cooking ingredient. If you are looking for creative household uses for this popular beverage, pull out a can of coke and watch it work wonders.


30 Creative uses for Coca Cola include:

1. Pour coke directly onto oil stains on the garage floor to remove, then hose off

2. Pour it on rusty nuts and bolts to loosen them

3. Use as a grease remover for clothing

4. Submerge old pennies in a bowl of coke to remove tarnish

5. Clean grout between tiles on kitchen and bathroom countertops

6. Pour on car windshields to remove dead bugs

7. Dip hair that is stuck with gum in a bowl of coke for a few minutes, it will come out easily

8. Apply coke to carpets to remove carpet stains

9. Add a cup of coke to remove strong odors in the washing machine

10. Removes blood from stained fabric and clothing


11. Place a bowl of coke outside to attract snails and slugs, the acid kills them

12. Gargle with a cup of ice cold coke to get rid of hiccups

13. Place a cup filled with coke a good distance away from a picnic to attract wasps, bees and flies

14. Make a ham moist as it cooks by basting it with coke

15. Use 2-liter bottles with a pack of Mentos to create an exploding fountain

16. Give unwanted documents a coke stained antiqued look

17. Use under the hood of the car as an engine cleaner

18. Pour around and inside of toilet bowls, showers and sinks to clean and get rid of rust stains

19. Pour directly into the soil of potted plants to help perk them up

20. Soak hair in a bowl of coke to remove and fade dyes

21. Use as a self-tanner on the skin

22. Heat and drink a cup of hot coke to relieve chest congestion.

23. Mix with a favorite BBQ sauce to make it sweeter

24. Pour 2-liter bottles into a backyard pool to make it clearer

25. Submerge burnt pots and pans and hard to clean cookware in a pot of simmering coke to clean

26. Use on a car windshield to defrost ice build up

27. Add to a backyard compost pile to increase the acidity and feed microorganisms

28. Add a teaspoon to body lotion to make skin smooth and silky

29. Pour on skin to help relieve and sooth painful jelly fish stings

30. Use as a marinade to tenderize pork, beef and chicken

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