10 Selfies From Your Favorite Celebs!

10 Selfies From Your Favorite Celebs!

10 Selfies From Your Favorite Celebs!

Back in the day, self-portraits were hard. Artists like Frida Kahlo and Francisco de Goya spent countless hours immortalizing their mugs on canvas, painstakingly applying the perfect strokes of color and then going back to correct things, over and over again… Aren’t you glad we live in the future?

Now all of us can fearlessly document every emotion we experience throughout the day…with the simple click of a smartphone button. Celebrities, who are notorious for being captivated by their own faces, have been prolific selfie takers since the advent of the camera phone. One might argue that they’ve been a little too enthusiastic to take up the trend, especially based upon the recent Hollywood photo leaks. Regardless, here are some sensational celebrity selfies!

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