10 Facts You Don’t Know About Your Farts

10 Facts You Don’t Know About Your Farts

Farting is a normal part of life and is often experienced on a daily basis for most people. Although farts are not always the most pleasant to smell for other people in the room, it’s a natural and healthy way for the body to function. Although you may be accustomed to your own farts, there are a number of facts that you may not be aware of.

10 Facts You Dont Know About Your Farts

1. Certain Foods Cause Farts to Smell

Specific foods like meat or eggs are known to increase the odor in gas due to the high levels of sulfur that they contain.

2. Farts are Flammable

Farts have the capability of lighting a flame, which will turn the flame blue if you actually try it.

3. The Sound of Farts is Determined By Muscles and Speed

Each fart often has a different sound if it’s not let out slowly, which is mainly due to muscles and the speed at which it’s released.

4. You’ll Release 17 Quadrillion Farts in Your Lifetime

The average person releases gas 14 times per day, which equates to 17 quadrillion farts in a lifetime.

10 Facts You Don't Know About Your Farts

5. You’ll Fart After You Die

Deceased individuals are even known to fart up to three hours after their death from gas that continues to escape the digestive tract.