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5 Things To Try After A Bad Breakup to Get Back Out There

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5 Things To Try After A Bad Breakup to Get Back Out There

5 Things To Try After A Bad Breakup to Get Back Out There

Bouncing back can be tough after a bad breakup, you have to get over the bad experiences and be willing to put yourself back out there. You go from having a date on holidays to being a single, it can be hard, and sad.

In case you have developed a fear of dating, here are some things you can do get over that fear and make a comeback:

5 Things To Try After A Bad Breakup to Get Back Out There

Stop making excuses
Get it through your head that not all men/women are the same. If you had a bad experience in your last relationship this does not mean that everybody else on the planet is the same. The most common excuses are: all men/women are idiots, I’m too busy to date, or that people have given up on dating. These are just excuses to avoid a new relationship, when somewhere down the line you may want to. To get into a new relationship accept the truth and move on. Accept that what happened in the past was not because you were completely wrong, there is a Mr. or Miss Right for everyone.

Re-assess your worth
A study conducted by William B. Swann Jr., Ph.D., psychology professor at the University of Texas, suggests that those with low self-esteem tend to enter into relationships with people who evaluate them negatively. If you have low self-esteem it’s time to take a positive step towards being confident. Nobody is going to value you if you don’t know your own worth. Bruce Fisher, Ed.D., Robert Alberti, Ph.D., and Virginia M. Satir, M.A., suggest making a list of your positive qualities and pasting it on your wall. Discuss your good qualities with others, you are worth it.

Decide once and for all
Instead of lying to yourself and others clarify your objectives. Do you want to stay single or do you want to be in a relationship? Put your experiences aside and make a decision. Do you want to miss a chance of a relationship where your Mr. Right will love you and treat you like a queen? Remember that a breakup is not a big deal and you are worthy of being loved.

Plan and roll out
You are not going to find Mr. Right by sitting idly in your chair, get up and plan an activity. Go out with friends and meet new people. Expand your circle, you never know when you will fall for a new friend who seems to be just right for you. Life is more beautiful without your ex and his memories in it.

Face the fear
If your ego has created a fear of dating again, just face it. Women often feel fear after a bad breakup, but some fight it and lead a blissful life even after bad experiences. It’s you who gets to choose between staying sad or moving on to a beautiful life with someone better, or alone, there is nothing wrong with having a beautiful single life.

The ball is in your court, you are responsible for your own life. Make it beautiful leaving the hard experiences behind and learning from them.

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