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What’s the Best Workout for Your Personality?

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What's the Best Workout for Your Personality?

What’s the Best Workout for Your Personality?

If you want to get good results from your workout, you need to pick exercise routines that you enjoy! Think about what motivates you and what activities you do for fun. This list can help you decide what kind of exercise is best for your personality.

What's the Best Workout for Your Personality?

Competitive: Some people are more motivated to exercise when they can compete with other people. If this describes you, you should look for opportunities to play competitive sports. See if your community has an adult softball league, or find friends who are interested in pick-up basketball. If you prefer individual competition, consider boxing or martial arts. Once you learn the basic skills of these sports, the competitive element will keep you interested.

Daydreamer: Some people exercise to clear their heads. A treadmill or elliptical trainer can be great for this. These machines let you get a good workout without needing to focus too hard. Just hop on a machine and let your mind wander while you exercise. If cardio exercise isn’t your favorite thing, yoga is another great way of calming your mind while improving your body.

Driven by Numbers: You may need a clear way of measuring your progress to stay motivated. In this case, weight lifting may be a good choice for you. During each workout you can challenge yourself to lift a little bit more weight or do a few more reps.

Driven by Learning: If you love learning new skills and hate being bored, you should choose a workout that will engage your mind. Dance classes give you an opportunity to learn new steps or choreography in each session. Martial arts are also highly technical. Either of these activities takes a long time to master, so you’ll have plenty to learn!

Outdoorsy: Exercise doesn’t need to happen in a gym! If you want to exercise but you get bored on a treadmill, try hiking. You’ll get to appreciate nature and explore your surroundings while getting a great workout. If you want a new challenge and more adventure, consider mountain biking, kayaking, or rock climbing.

Social Butterfly: Some people are motivated by working out with other people. If this describes you, group exercise classes may be a good choice for you. You could also get a friend to join you at the gym on a regular basis.

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