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What Happens After Making Love Daily for a Week

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What Happens After Making Love Daily for a Week

What Happens After Making Love Daily for a Week

Most couples would give an enthusiastic yes if challenged to complete seven days of lovemaking. Yet normally few couples dedicate the time or the energy to making love every day. Maybe that should change! Besides the fun factor, making love daily has many health and lifestyle benefits.


Try It

Here’s the challenge: make love every day for seven straight days. That’s it. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?


With the busy lives we lead sometimes the excuses not to make love seem endless. Topping the list are “too tired”, “too busy”, and “don’t feel like it”. But when you look at what lovemaking actually does, those excuses turn into reasons to make love.

The cardio exercise and endorphins released during lovemaking actually result in renewed energy and reduced stress. Chemicals that increase brain function are also released, thus allowing you to think more clearly during those busy days. And if you are tempted to just stick with Netflix, remember that creative lovemaking actually always be more fun.


Determining to make love everyday for a week is a great way to kickstart healthy relationship goals. It can be easy to take our partner for granted and forget that lovemaking is often like relationship glue. It focuses us on our partner in a way that nothing else does.

It brings us back to that passionate “in love” stage of our relationship. Lovemaking releases feel good hormones that strengthen our emotional attachment to our partner. Oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone, floods the brain during lovemaking. This little hormone is why we feel so good! Associating our partner with those feelings only grows our attachment to them, resulting in a closer and deeper relationship.

Positive Vibes

According to a recent study the frequency of love making has no relationship to how satisfied the partners feel. However, the study showed that the automatic behavior responses of couples who made love more frequently were different from those who did not. Specifically, the more often couples made love, the more solidly they connected their partner with positive feelings. So while you may not intellectually feel closer to your partner, making love every day will certainly increase your automatic feelings of love towards them.


Health Benefits

There is no doubt that lovemaking has health benefits for both men and women. Just a few of those are:
– Gaining a more youthful appearance
– Burning calories and fat
– Releasing the hormone oxytocin which promotes better sleep
– Decreasing chance of having heart problems
– Reducing chance of psychiatric illness and depression
– Reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer for men
– Lowering blood pressure
– Relieving pain
Truly, lovemaking has many benefits for both physical and mental health.

In light of such overwhelming evidence, it is easy to see why making love frequently is a healthy, positive habit. Starting off with the seven day challenge is a great way to get out of the making love doldrums. Soon you will be on your way to feeling better about yourself, your partner, and your relationship!

Watch as these three couples document their experience during a thirty day lovemaking challenge. Mallory and Kevin start the month confident in their ability to easily complete the task. Suki and Dimitri are more hesitant and think completing the whole month will be difficult. R.J. and Will are concerned that making love will become a chore under the rules of the challenge. Will each couple successfully complete the challenge? How or will the challenge change their love making patterns? Watch to find out!

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