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Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat

Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat
Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat

Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hat

We all remember and love our Cabbage Patch Kids, back in the day we would play with them for hours and hours. Well, good news, now we can make our little ones look like the dolls we loved and cherished as kids!!!

cabbage head

These adorable hats will have your little ones looking just like the Cabbage Patch Dolls!!!

Not only are these hats the cutest hats ever, but they will keep them warm during the cold winter days upon us. You will for sure get a lot of compliments on this adorable and funny hats!!!

cabbage head 1

Cabbage Patch Kids

Here’s instructions on how to make you own Cabbage Patch Kids inspired hat:


– Yarn in the hair color of your choice
– 6mm crochet hook
– Ribbon
– Scissors
– Safety pins


1. Begin with a basic beanie as a base, using the hair color of your choice.

2. By doing a loop stitch for 3 rows on the bottom of the beanie create the bangs.

3. Once the hat is finished it’s time to focus on the braided pigtails. For each braid, cut 19 pieces of yarn approximately 16 inches in length.

4. Fold the pieces of yarn in half and knot in the center, then divide the yarn into threes and begin braiding and tie the ends. Repeat for each braid.

5. And finally attach the braids to the beanie by stitching them to the hat. And add your own style: ribbon color and etc… to the top of each pigtail.

The Cabbage Patch Kids inspired hats are incredibly cute and will melt your heart!!!