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How To Peel A Mango With A Glass

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How To Peel A Mango With A Glass

Mangos are a perfect sweet snack, they won’t break your diet and they’re quite refreshing. However peeling them has long been my only hesitation for enjoying them, when I thought of snacking on a Mango, I didn’t want my hands to get wet and to make a big mess which I had to clean up afterwards. With this new method you’ll be amazed at how easy peeling a Mango really is!

You might be wondering how a glass can peel a Mango, or peel anything for that matter, well do I have some news for you! Would you believe you’ve been peeling Mangos the wrong way, or the hard way, your entire life?!

All you need to do is slide the sliced mango into the inside of a sturdy drinking glass. This will get all of the mango meat away from the peel and let it fall into the glass to avoid any pieces from straying. Really it’s that easy!!



Edited 7/18/14 SCD

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