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Foods to Help Balance Your Chakras

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Foods to Help Balance Your Chakras

All energy comes from light, the rays from the sun. It sustains us, transforms us, revitalizes us, rejuvenates us, and warms us. The rays of the sun fall onto the earth at different vibrations in the form of colors. Each of our chakras also resonates with a different color.

The energy of light has an intimate connection with our bodies. As the sun’s rays fall onto the earth, these vibrations are expressed through the color of the plant, vegetable, or flower – each color holds an energy that nourishes the individual chakras. Eating a variety of colors with each meal is important to keep the chakras balanced through food.


Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. The seven chakras correspond to particular colors, functions, and imbalances. Eating corresponding foods is believed to strengthen these energy centers by transferring the energy absorbed by the food source. By eating the right foods, your physical, emotional, and spiritual beings may align – as well as keep you healthy.

Find Chakra Balance Through Your Diet1

The root chakra is at the base of the spine and serves basic survival. The color red is associated with the first chakra, thus apples, tomatoes, and cherries are corresponding foods. Meats and foods high in protein are thought to strengthen this chakra and improve digestion, fight obesity, and prevent arthritis.


The second, or sacral, chakra is located in the lower abdomen. Orange is the energizing color of the sacral, which influences sexuality and desire. For proper bladder and sexual function, as well as avoiding lower back pain, consume juices and other liquids to balance this chakra. Oranges and carrots are also appropriate foods for the sacral chakra.

 Foods to Help Balance Your Chakras

The solar plexus chakra, located in the stomach area, is the center responsible for the input and output of energy. Food has particular importance to the third chakra. The right foods can strengthen the spiritual center of the solar plexus chakra and focus your energy release on productive activities. Whole grains and other starches are recommended for this purpose. Curry and other yellow foods are believed to feed this chakra.


Located at the center of the chest, the heart chakra affects love and relationships, self-control and self-appreciation. Blood pressure, heart problems and breathing disorders are controlled by the fourth chakra. Associated with the color green, this chakra is balanced with vegetables. Spinach, broccoli and green peppers are particularly beneficial.


The fifth, or throat, chakra governs communication and loyalty. Located, aptly, in the throat area, this chakra is energized by the color blue. Fruits, particularly blueberries, are believed to prevent colds, neck and throat problems, and thyroid issues.


The brow, or third eye, chakra is in the forehead between your eyebrows. Associated with the color indigo, the sixth chakra is unaffected by foods. It is thought that overconsumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs can ruin the brow chakra.


The seventh chakra is the crown, located inside the top of the head. Knowledge, consciousness of spirituality, and wisdom are controlled by the final chakra. Confusion, depression, and learning disabilities can result from an imbalance in the crown chakra. Associated with the color violet, this chakra is also believed to be beyond the effects of certain foods. Fasting of certain foods, particularly breads & rice, is recommended on occasion for rebalancing.

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