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Palmistry and Palm Reading Secrets

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Palmistry and Palm Reading Secrets

Palmistry and Palm Reading Secrets

Chiromancy, or palmistry, more commonly known as palm reading, is practiced in all corners of the globe. It has roots in Roma fortune-telling and Indian astrology, and the goal is to evaluate a person’s character (or future) by studying their palm. No matter why you want to learn to read palms, nearly everyone can learn how to gain insight into another person simply by looking at their hands.

It is often thought that for women the right hand is what you’re “born with,” and the left is what your life’s journey has given you – this is opposite for men. You can also choose whichever hand is dominant to be your present or past life hand (the non-dominant being your future). People differ on their opinion what the ‘future’ means, saying it merely shows potential and making a different choice will alter that path.

Every hand is different, the most apparent of this example is the fact that not everyone has a fate line (a line running from the wrist to the middle finger). There are three other lines – the heart line, the life line, and the head line.

Additionally there are different hand shapes, each shape is correlated to different character traits. The palm length is measured from the wrist to the root, or base, of the fingers.

Earth hands are a ruddy color with broad, square palms and fingers with thick or coarse skin. People who have this type of hand have solid energy and values, though they are sometimes stubborn. They can be practical and responsible, yet sometimes materialistic. They typically work with their hands and are most comfortable with the tangible things in life.

Air hands tend to have square or rectangular palms, long fingers, and oftentimes low-set thumbs, protruding knuckles, and dry skin. The length of the palm is usually less than the length of the fingers. People with hands like these tend to be talkative, sociable, and witty. They’re comfortable with the mental realm and the intangible, though they can be shallow and cold. They often will do things in off-beat ways.

Fire hands tend to be flushed or pink with square or rectangular palms and short fingers. The length of the palm is usually greater than the fingers. People with this type of hand are spontaneous, often optimistic and enthusiastic. They are extroverts who do things boldly, instinctively, and sometimes insensitively. They can be egoistic and impulsive.

Water type hands usually have oval-shaped palms with long, flexible fingers. Typically, the length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers, but less so than the widest part of the palm. These people are creative, emotional, and inhibited. They can be terrifically perceptive and empathetic, but this can lead to moodiness. They prefer to do things quietly with plenty of intuition behind it.

In general, long fingers will sometimes indicate a person prone to anxiety, but they may also be delicate and well-mannered. Short fingered people are creative, though impatient, and have high libidos. Long fingernails, however, usually mean a person is kind and short fingernails can mean a person is sarcastic and critical. Almond-shaped fingernails belong to those who are diplomatic and sweet.

Remember that palm reading is by no means totally accurate and the fate of your decisions should not be totally influenced by palm reading but rather on your own desires and goals.


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