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The Best Leg Exercises

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The Best Leg Exercises

These are hands down the best exercises for shaping your legs, and thighs! The best part is, you don’t need anything else but yourself to hit a whole range of lower body muscles with the following exercises:

Here is the summary of this routine:

  1. Overhead Squats (15x)
  2. Alternating Lunges (30x)
  3. Alternating Side Lunges (30x)
  4. Deadlifts (15x)
  5. Single Leg Calf Taises (15 Each Leg)
  6. Lateral Leg Lifts (15 Each Leg)
  7. Kneeling Leg Lifts (15 Each Leg)
  8. Fire Hydrant Kicks (15 Each Leg)
  9. Single Leg Glute Bridge (15 Each Leg)
  10. Wall Sit (60 Seconds)

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