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The 7 Smartest Things You Can Do In Hot Summer Days

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The 7 Smartest Things You Can Do In Hot Summer Days

The 7 Smartest Things You Can Do In Hot Summer Days

By Dr. Nima Shei MD

Eat More Fresh and Green:

While eating healthy is a challenge for most of us, opting for a fresh and green diet during the summer will make a big difference on how your body feels. There are lots of fresh fruits and veggies that contain a lot of water, and will help you keep hydrated and fight heat exhaustion; For example watermelon, strawberries, grapefruits and honeydew contains more than 90 percent water. Among fruits bananas have the least amount of water (around 74% water)

Eat Breakfast Like a French Woman!

Breakfast is the most important meal of all, since it’s your fuel for beginning a day. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast loaded with proteins and fruits will make amazing things to your health, also it boosts your brain performance. For breakfast, arrange your plate like a French woman! Oui Madam! Eat smaller portions of more things, such as a wheat toast, a bit of butter (not margarine) or coconut butter, a little homemade jam and a combination of fruits! Bon appetite!

Treat Yourself a Getaway:

Summer is the perfect season for a getaway, either with your family, your partner, a friend or a date with yourself. A vacation or a getaway can lower stress hormones and blood pressure and it will make you feel better and have more self-confidence.

The 7 Smartest Things You Can Do In Hot Summer Days

Read a Motivational Book:

Summer makes everybody happy: we enjoy outdoor activities, and we spend more time with our kids and family. Summer is indeed full of life and it gives us a natural energy boost, unlike any other season. Reading inspirational books will prepare you and will help you fight that emotional season transition. Reading is great for stimulating your brain, and the biggest benefit from reading motivational books is that it encourages you to pursue your goals and dreams; also it’s a great hobby!

Hydrate Your Body:

Our bodies are made of 50 to 80 percent water: As we become older, we lose a lot of water and water will constitute less portion of our body. That’s why around 80 percent of a child is from water, whereas an older person might have around 50% water. We lose a lot of fluids during the summer due to the high temperatures. Also we tend to be way more active during those nice sunny days, meaning we need to regain those lost fluids by hydrating properly. It is recommended to drink plenty of water such that your urine becomes clear. Good hydration has lots of great benefits for your health, it helps your skin and hair look better and it also helps your body go all day long despite the high temperatures.

Pamper Your Skin:

Our skin is exposed to a lot of damaging factors, from the UV to pool chemicals, during the summer days, which affect your skin tremendously. Apply a high UV protection sunscreen every day during the summer (face and body), try and moisturize your skin every morning and night. This will help your skin look glowing and healthy. Also make all natural face masks and exfoliate your skin as often as needed. Remember the skin is the largest organ and skin cancer is the most common cancer today, so take good care of your skin!

Get a New Haircut:

We tend to damage our hair every day with chemical styling products, hairdryer, flat and curling irons, gels and etc. These products damage our hair and create dead and split ends. During the hot summer days our hair gets dry and it gets a lot of UV damage; so getting a new haircut will make you feel fresh and it will help your hair grow healthier and stronger for the upcoming seasons. Also opt for natural homemade hair masks and you will see amazing results.


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