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8 Signs Your Partner Might Be Secretly Unhappy

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8 Signs Your Partner Might Be Secretly Unhappy

8 Signs Your Partner Might Be Secretly Unhappy

Do you think your partner is happy? You might be missing some signs indicating that your partner is unhappy and is not comfortable enough to confess it.

8 Signs Your Partner Might Be Secretly Unhappy

Here are some signs that can help you identify if your partner is unhappy:

1. They are often distracted

Some people prefer to be quiet and busy when they are unhappy. If you are finding your partner is always busy with something or other it’s a good time to think about opening the lines of communication. Common things people use to stay busy include watching television, playing video games, and completing unnecessary chores. Some people have a hard time talking about problems, try putting yourself in their shoes to understand their point of view.


2. They are talking more about a co-worker/friend

This can be a sign that your partner is unhappy with you. Sometimes when you are unhappy with your partner, you make new friends and someone else starts to attract you more. You may not realize it and get involved in the friendship so much that you just keep talking about them. This situation should be taken seriously.

3. Responses are only yes or no

If you ask a question of your partner or try to start a conversation and the response you get is just a yes or a no over a period of days or weeks, this is an indication that your partner is unhappy and is avoiding talking about it. Remember that sitting together and talking about things can bring things back to normal and bring back the happiness that was missing.


4. Your partner hangs out with his/her friends more than you

Hanging out with friends is good, but if it is happening more frequently and you are being left alone, this may show that your partner is unhappy and does not want to spend their leisure time with you anymore. You should be the priority of your partner. Take relevant steps to keep your partner involved.

5. Your partner avoids physical contact

If your partner is suddenly avoiding it or does not want it anymore, this is a matter for discussion. This shows that your partner is not happy. This requires a serious talk and possibly counseling.

avoids sexual contact

6. Comparisons

Are you finding your partner often comparing your relationship to others? If yes, then he/she is not happy about something and expects more from you. Sometimes when your expectations are unfulfilled by your spouse it creates an unhappy state of mind. Do not compare your relationship to others. Drop your expectations for your partner and work on them for yourself. Discuss everything openly and live a happy life.

7. Always finding fault

Another sign your partner is unhappy is that your partner is consistently finding faults in you and starting arguments. This is a common sign often seen in couples. Communication can help this too.

Being disrespectful

8. Being disrespectful

When your partner starts treating you with no respect its an indication that something is missing which might be happiness. The sudden departure of respect from your relationship is not a good sign and you should work on it. Try to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. This will not only solve your problems but you will also feel good about each other. Chances are that your bond will grow stronger.

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