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Top 10 Mistakes Single Women Make When Looking For a Relationship

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Top 10 Mistakes Single Women Make When Looking For a Relationship

When we look for a relationship, we often end up making disastrous mistakes and are disappointed. Its important to make the correct moves and avoid things you should not be doing. Here is a list of mistakes people often make:

1. Playing tape of “sad single phase”
Do not talk about how depressed you are being single. It usually leaves a bad impression on other people. No matter how bad you feel you should not disclose this fact to others and try to feel happy about your single independent status.

2. Hanging out in a group
Its hard for a person to approach a guy who is often seen in a group and surrounded by a group of friends. You can spend your Sundays or special times with your friends and family but remember that guys are more likely to approach you if you are alone.

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3. Dating too many guys
Its not a bad idea to consider your options, however it can leave a bad impression on guys and create a negative image and can lead to confusion. Limit your reach to less guys who are your type. Don’t go around looking for more options. The longer you look around, the more you are likely to remain unsatisfied.

4. Setting a deadline
This is the most common mistake singles make. Setting up a deadline can end in a mess because by the time you reach the deadline, it might be too late. Don’t bind yourself and keep your channels open.

5. Complaining about your ex
There is a time and place to discuss the no-good guy. This shows you are not over your ex. This can let down your present partner. Stop cursing your past and live in your present.

6. Expecting more
Expecting your partner to have the same interests as you can spoil things. For your interests, there are best friends. Men are different in relationships, accept this. Don’t expect too much and go with the flow.

7. Providing too much information about yourself
These days there are so many social networking and dating sites that help you to find people that match your interests by disclosing them in your profile. Disclosing too much information about yourself can adversely effect you and is not safe.

Top 10 Mistakes Single Women Make When Looking a Relationship

8. Being too picky
Again, often due to social networking sites, we sometimes get to know a person in advance of meeting them. Some people get hung up on music taste, height, income, and looks. Try not judge the person prematurely. So stop being so picky and give a person a chance to prove his inner strengths and worth.

9. Waiting for Prince Charming
If you are searching for a man who has amazing looks, money, and charm, you might be ignoring the other men around who are funny and good at the things they do. The super guy you are looking for would also want to have the most glamorous girl. Remember money does not make the man.

10. Being judgmental
Such behavior tends to magnify even the smallest of flaws and eventually the guy is rejected. Stop being judgmental or you will soon run out of men. Nobody is perfect, even you have some flaws.

Top 10 Mistakes Single Women Make When Looking a Relationship
By PositiveMed-team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

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