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Why You Should Buy Whole Milk: Whole Milk Keeps You Lean

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Why You Should Buy Whole Milk: Whole Milk Keeps You Lean

Why You Should Buy Whole Milk: Whole Milk May Keep You Lean

This is something which many love. For all those suffering from obesity who are told not to eat full-fat dairy products and resist their temptations and love for the products, here is good news:

There is an obvious reason to limit dairy products, they possess extra calories and fat which can make your waistline out of shape, but this is just an assumption.

why you should buy whole milk

Two recent studies from Europe found that consumption of full-fat dairy products can actually help you in reduce body fat. The studies included one study on middle-aged men who ate high-fat products like butter, cream, and whole milk, the other involved meta analysis of 16 observational studies.

Published by Swedish researchers in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, middle-aged men who enjoyed high-fat milk, butter, and cream were less likely to become obese over 12 years compared to those who rarely ate full-fat products.

The executive vice-president of the National Dairy Council shares his views and says, “I would say it’s counterintuitive.”

The second study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition stating the meta analysis of 16 observational studies. The researchers concluded that high-fat dairy products are associated with lower risk of obesity. The hypothesis regarding dairy products, that they may lead to obesity and higher risk of heart disease, has been proved wrong by the reviewers as the evidence does not support this hypothesis.

More data is coming in, showing consumption of whole milk dairy products is linked to reduced fat.

The facts behind this phenomenon are not clear. Several people point out the satiety factor. After consumption of high-fat products, we may feel full longer and end up eating less.

Another explanation by Miller, “There may be bioactive substances in milk fat that may be altering our metabolism in a way that helps us utilize the fat and burn it for energy, rather than storing it in our bodies.”

This theory of connection between lean body and high-fat dairy products is good for children as well.
Per a study published in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood, a sister publication of the British Medical Journal, it was found that consumption of low-fat milk was associated with more fat gain over time.

Some opinions differ and the rule of staying lean with full-fat products is a matter of concern for those with higher cholesterol. These products are high in saturated fat which is linked to increased risk of heart disease. Experts suggest that adults with high cholesterol should limit consumption of dairy products, however, there are benefits to these products for many as whole milk contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

There has been an increase in the sale of high-fat dairy products of 10% while sales of skim milk are reduced, butter sales are also seeing a boom.
The researchers continue to investigate how dairy products can help us control our weight. Stay connected to stay updated about such interesting findings.


Why You Should Buy Whole Milk: Whole Milk May Keep You Lean

Edited By Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on May 29th 2014]


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