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Organization… Urban Myth?

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Organization... Urban Myth?

I have long been accused of being an organized person, I really wish I was. Because I have an organizational dysfunction I have to fake it. I make lists, all the time, of everything. On my refrigerator I have 3 notepads with magnets, one for groceries, one for bills, one for misc.

When I was still working outside the home every day after report I would make a small list of priorities for the day, and get them done as early in the shift as able, that way when things fall apart (as they so often do!) I am not quite as flustered and behind as I would have been. I also made a a list of 3 projects I needed to get done at home that day.

Cleaning or organizing three things every single day keeps the house from getting overly dirty, it always looks pretty good and stays that way. Right now I find I get overwhelmed so I stick with a list of 3 things, 4 if I feel I can exercise that day, and I take breaks as needed.

My goal is one room, and organize one thing, per day. Wednesday I will sweep and mop the kitchen and put away laundry, Thursday vacuum and dust the living room and clean out the fridge or cupboards, Friday scrub the bathroom and spend 15 minutes in the junk drawer or a closet, pay bills, and on it goes.

I like my lists in the kitchen, that way if I notice something is getting low I can add it right away, or if my almond milk is close to being expired, or if I get hungry for something I can’t make. I also like lists for the simple reason that I can cross things off and I can see what I have gotten accomplished. I also keep track of what I eat, what I spend, and my workouts. I have a small notebook that I call my brain, it goes everywhere with me. In it I have a list of my medications for doctors appointments, a list of my symptoms so I know which are improving and if anything new pops up, and I have space to write down quotes I find that I like, and ideas to write about. I have way more ideas than I have time right now, and that’s a good thing!

A few things about lists: keep them as short as possible for home lists, even on days off, you can add one thing closer to a vacation or holiday, but the whole point of having lists is to keep you from getting overwhelmed, so no more than 5 things, ever. My work lists often had 20 or more items and it looks a little intimidating, a home list is to keep you calm and serene. Even on your days off. You need time to relax and decompress, to read, to play outside, to bake a decadent dessert, whatever, you need to allow yourself you time… if you are having trouble with that maybe start another list and schedule it in!

Pretending to be organized is way easier than accepting the consequences, which for me involves a chronically messy house that runs out of toilet paper, toothpaste, and bread. Life is meant to be enjoyed, enjoy it, and when you have unexpected company and your house is fairly clean and smells good, listen to your friends say how organized and amazing you are, smile brilliantly, and say, “I know.”


About the author:
MamaSteph has 2 kids by birth and several by love, she is a nurse and enjoys finding healthier ways to make comfort foods, gardening, enjoying nature, and living life to the fullest…For a list of her blogs please click here.



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