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12 Interesting Facts About Human Hair

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12 Interesting Facts About Human Hair

12 Interesting Facts About Human Hair that You Should Know

Much like your nails, hands, fingers, and face your hair can show the world about you and your lifestyle.

Here are a few interesting facts about human hair:

1. Blonde women have more estrogen

The color of your hair is an external indicator that indicates several things depending on gender. Scientific research shows women with blonde hair have more estrogen than other hair colors. Blondes are also believed to have finer features and a more youthful personality.

2. Redheads hurt more

Redheads, often known as gingers are more prone to pain. Dentists and scientists believe they are more sensitive to pain and less sensitive to painkillers.

3. Growth rate

Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on your body. The hair on your head grows 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters every day. If you do not ever shave your beard during your lifespan, it can grow to 30 feet long, longer than a killer whale!

12 Interesting Facts About Human Hair that You Should Know

4. Baldness is associated with heart disease

Loss of hair should not be taken casually. Recent research of 40,000 men has shown links between baldness and risk of coronary heart disease. Bald men were prone to 70% greater risk of heart disease compared to non-balding men. There are multiple factors to explain this study including insulin and hormone-related variables.

5. Eyelash mites

You might be surprised to learn that your eyelashes contain tiny wormlike mites living in the follicles of eyelashes. These mites feed on waste like sebum. Excessive use of products like mascara and eyeliner can increase their population which can result in loss of follicles.

6. Human hair is almost indestructible

Other than flammability, the rate of decay of human hair is so slow that it becomes practically non-disintegrative. Your hair is resistant to many things, even some kind of acid and corrosive chemicals.

7. Blondes have more hair

Science shows that blondes have more hair than any other color. The average hair count is 100,000 while blondes on average have 130,000.

8. Weight supported by hair

100 grams of weight can be supported by a single human hair. Interestingly if you knit a rope of 100 hair, it can bear weight of up to 10 kg.

9. Fastest growing tissue

Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body next to bone marrow. Its advised by hair experts to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks to keep it healthy.

12 Interesting Facts About Human 1 Hair that You Should Know

10. Chimpanzee fact

Like chimpanzees, our bodies are covered with hair of the same density. This might surprise you, but what you see is not the actual truth. You only see the boldest, thickest, and most significant hair on your body which creates a false impression.

11. Disability and hair color

Medical conditions have been associated with blonde blue-eyed people. A study conducted on 50 learning disabled children, 20% were blond while only 11% of non-disabled children are blond. The combination of blue eyes and blond hair is often seen in those with phenylketonuria.

12. Hair Loss

On average a person loses 60-100 hair strands every day which is normal. There can be several factors that affect hair loss, including pregnancy, diet, season, or illness. A human hair has a life span of 3-7 years on average.

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