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What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

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What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

Cheese is one of the most widely-eaten foods around the world, especially in the Western part. Besides being delicious, it can tell a lot about the kind of person you are. If you are not a cheese lover this may not interest you. Let’s have a look at what your favorite cheese says about you:


1. Brie, camembert, and other creamy cheeses
People who like this variety of cheese often like to take things slowly and enjoy the moment. They believe that they only live once and like to live it to the fullest.


2. Mozzarella
Those who prefer this type are usually laid-back and friendly. They like keeping things simple and usually have a lot of friends.


3. Cheddar
People who like cheddar cheese are usually trustworthy and reliable. Others can count on you for things that are important to them and think of you as someone who can handle responsibility. Such people sometimes fear they are boring but they have a tendency to make everyone around them happy. Those who like cheddar cheese are highly adaptable and mold themselves according to the situation.


4. Burrata
People who like Burrata cheese are similar to those who like mozzarella. Burrata lovers are more loved and are often mature and intelligent.


5. Feta
Those who prefer feta cheese are often a surprise package, they tend to do unexpected things.

Feta cheese

6. Gorgonzola
People who prefer Gorgonzola cheese are often loud and fun loving. They love singing with their favorite singers and at times enjoy dancing. They often think that others talk too quietly and expect them to match their volume.


7. Goat cheese
Usually those who like goat cheese tend to do things the way they want without taking others into consideration. They think they are normal and believe what they are doing is the most suitable thing to do. They enjoy doing simple things like walking on the beach, enjoying red wine, and movies.


8. Gouda
To begin with they have great taste when it comes to selecting cheese. They are patient perfectionists.

What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

9. Limburger
These are the ones who often choose the opposite path. They choose the opposite of anything said or done. It can be difficult to get them to see your point.
There are exceptions to everything, these examples included.


What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You
By Divya Shree
Edited By Stephanie Dawson
[Last Reviewed on June 9th 2014]

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