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8 Foods That Have Been Shown To Trigger Gout

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8 Foods That Have Been Shown To Trigger Gout

Men and obese people are at greater risk of suffering this painful inflammation of the joints caused by a buildup of needle-sharp uric-acid crystals, mainly in the big toe, feet, ankles, knees and sometimes hands.

Here are eight foods to avoid:

1. Scallops
These animal foods are rich in purines, which your body breaks down into uric acid, keep meat and seafood intake to a minimum.

2. Herring
Avoid herring, tuna, and anchovies, on the other hand, shrimp, lobster, eel, and crab are relatively safer options.


3. Drinking Alcohol
Drinking beer not only does it increase your uric-acid level, it also makes it more difficult for your body to clear this substance from your system.
Wine is a better choice and drinking one or two 5-ounce (around 150 milliliters) of wine is considered safe, but it is usually recommended that you abstain from alcohol entirely.


4. Red meat
Although all animal proteins are high in purine and should be avoided, some types of meat are often considered less harmful for gout patients. The least harmful meat for people with gout is lamb chops. According to Mayoclinic, you should limit your intake of meat (red meat, fish and/or white meat) to 4 to 6 ounces (113 to 170 grams) per day.

5. Turkey
Turkey and goose are higher in purines than other types of food, so it’s best to avoid them. Chicken and duck are the safest choices, leg meat is a better choice than a chicken breast with skin.

6. Sugary drinks
Avoid high-fructose corn syrup, such as non-diet sodas or “fruit” drinks, the sweeteners will stimulate the body to produce more uric acid. Juices that are 100 percent from natural fruit are safe for gout patients.

7. Asparagus
Asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, and mushrooms are higher in purines than other vegetables.
Veggie-rich diets actually help you clear purines from the body, the body seems to have an easier time excreting purines from vegetable sources.


8. Liver
Organ meats, such as liver, kidneys, and sweetbreads should be eliminated

The best advice for people with gout disease is to drink plenty of water. Some research shows you should drink 8 to 16 glasses of water per day to flush out uric acid out of your body. Also try to have a diet full of fruits of vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

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