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15 Facts About Divorce

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15 Facts About Divorce

15 Facts About Divorce

Divorce is a last resort for those who have tried almost everything to save their marriage. Its not a good thing, however getting divorced is an act of kindness sometimes as being separated is the only way for them to stay happy. Divorce does has some evil effects. Going through these facts regarding divorce may force you to reconsider your decision.

1. Per statistics almost 60% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Further study of data shows more than 65% of all divorces are initiated by the female partner.

2. Statistics show that couples who live together before marriage and have premarital pregnancy are more prone to divorce. The early experience of post-marriage excitement is considered the reason for this failure.

3. A study in the United States found that if one of the partners smoke the marriage has a 75% greater chance of ending in divorce. People who are trying to quit smoking and are married have one more reason to do so.

4. Children of divorced couples who have joint custody and use it remain happier than children who live with one parent.

5. Children of divorced couples are 50% more likely to drop out of high school. Statistics also show less college attendance.

6. In The United States more than 6% of divorced couples end up marrying each other again years after their divorce.

7. In China when a couple gets divorced they destroy the pen and ink used to sign the divorce document. Its considered bad luck.

8. One bad effect of divorce is depression. More than 50% of divorced women have depression even after 10 years of being divorced.

9. Statistics show that if the female partner is 2 or more years older than the husband the marriage is 53% more likely to end in divorce than if the male partner was elder than the wife, no data yet exists for same-sex marriages.

10. In the Philippines divorce is illegal, they also don’t recognize divorce conducted elsewhere.


11. In the United States 41% of first marriages ultimately end in divorce. This rate is higher for second and third marriages with 60% of second and 73% of third marriages ending in divorce.

12. In New York and Mississippi a married couple can legally challenge a third person accusing him or her of the failure of their marriage. These cases are called ‘Alienation of Affection.’

13. Statistics of the United States show that the western states have the highest marriage and divorce rates, southern states have the second highest, the northeast states have the lowest divorce rate.

14. The top reasons for divorce In the United States are communication problems, betrayal, financial difficulties, emotional and physical abuse, and loss of interest in each other.

15. Studies show that men remain at a higher risk of alcohol consumption and its abuse after divorce while alcohol consumption of women typically decreases after divorce.

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