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10 Signs He’s a Boy Not A Man

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10 Signs He's a Boy Not A Man

10 Signs He’s a Boy Not A Man

The Telegraph recently reported that men are fully mature at 43, more than ten years later than women. If you’re a woman in the dating scene, this is no surprise to you. Be on the watch for these sure signs that you are dating a boy and not a man!

10 Signs He’s a Boy Not A Man


1. You Pay for Everything

If he can’t go dutch at least once in while, something’s wrong.

2. He Can’t Clean House.

Boys live in messes, real men know how to use mops.

3. He Never Has Any Plans

Not dinner plans, and not career plans. This boy is going nowhere.

4. He’s Worn the Same Clothes for the Last 10 Years

Not the same type of clothes, the same clothes. If his mom makes all of his fashion decisions, get out of there.

5. He’s Never Had an Important Relationship

If you are his first girlfriend after he gets out of school, you are in for a rough ride.

6. He Hates Responsibility

Men don’t always want responsibility (no one always does) but they will accept it. A boy can’t stand to be responsible for anything.

7. He Makes Fun of You

Real men understand the difference between teasing and verbal abuse, boys don’t.

8. He Can’t Stand Being Wrong

A real man owns up to his errors. A boy denies them, makes them your fault, and pouts until you forget about it.

9. He Gets Jealous of Your Friends

A real man is not necessarily friends with your friends, but he appreciates that you have them. If he gets jealous of your friends, this is a bad sign.

10. He Has No Self-Esteem

If a guy is constantly down on himself and does nothing to improve his situation, don’t stay to ‘heal’ him. Just run away fast!

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