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10 Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Mattress

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10 Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Mattress

10 Tips for Choosing the Healthiest Mattress
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Various factors like comfort, room temperature, and stress level determine how good of sleep you get. One thing you require as a basic need for a good night’s sleep is a mattress that is comfortable for you to sleep on and takes care of your health in every possible manner. Following are the tips that you should keep in mind before buying a new mattress:

Have a word with your doctor – Talk to your doctor or physical therapist if you have a health condition, keep in mind what they recommend. Your doctor or therapist will know your physical condition so will be in a good position to give you useful advice.

Choose one good for your back – Firm mattresses are not always good for your back. You should know the difference between firm support and firm feel. The one you look for should have firm support with a comfortable feel. Studies show medium-firm mattresses are best for low-back pain rather than firm mattresses.

10 Tips for Choose the Healthiest Mattress

Check the chemical component – Have a look at the label on the mattress for information that will tell you if it contains many chemicals. If its not mentioned on the label ask the shopkeeper about it. Too much chemicals can lead to allergic reactions for people who have sensitive skin.

See if your mattress contains pesticides – There are many active ingredients in pesticides still used in the U.S. that are carcinogenic. One such pesticide is organo–phosphates that are used in some mattresses and are known to have serious long-term effects on human health.

Do not fall into the trap of “Hypoallergenic mattresses” – Many people think that buying this type of mattress will solve their allergy problems whereas the fact is that it can actually make them worse.

Can obesity be caused by a mattress? – For everyone who thinks this is not possible, they should have a close look at this. While we all agree that getting a good sleep is very necessary for all human beings, we should also understand the repercussions of not getting good sleep. Sleep deprivation can result in overeating throughout the day to increase energy levels, overeating can result in obesity.

Off-gassing – During off-gassing toxic gases are released from plastics or material and can be strongly felt for the first few days, afterwards it starts fading but has adverse health effects. One way to combat the toxicity of regular mattresses is to off-gas the mattress for the first few days in a garage or room that can be easily ventilated.

Opt for an organic mattress – When you choose an organic mattress you eliminate risk of adverse health effects you might face by using a mattress loaded with chemicals and the toxic effects are minimal.

Get the right size – It might sound obvious but one should not compromise on the size as it is important, especially for people who have had a back problem in the past.

Consider your body type – Your body type plays an important role in determining the type of mattress you will buy. For example, a softer mattress will be a better option for you if your hips are wider than your waist as the width of your pelvis can be accommodated by the softer mattress and it allows your spine to remain natural.

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