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Best Back Acne Treatments: How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Best Back Acne Treatments - How to Get Rid of Back Acne

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Acne can appear in any part of your body. It can affect the parts of the body that have hair follicles or secreting glands such as your face, back, shoulders, and chest. Back acne is particularly troublesome and can be a challenge to treat. It is not limited to teen years but can happen at any age.

Causes of Back Acne

There are various different reasons that one get acne. It is therefore important to know why and how back acne forms.

Like the face, your back has several sebaceous glands that produce sebum which is an oily substance. Sebum gets up the hair follicles to moisturize your skin and hair. Acne forms when dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria buildup. The buildup ends up blocking the skin pores. When the walls of the hair follicle swell out, whitehead acne is formed. Exposure of the clogged pore to the air ends up forming blackhead acne.

Common Causes of Acne

Diet: Some studies show that the food we eat is related to acne. Research done by American Academy of Dermatology show that some types of carbohydrates known to increase the levels of blood sugar such as potato chips and white bread can cause acne. Some dairy products can as well trigger acne. However, to restrict yourself some types of foods has not been proven to be an effective way of treating acne.

Medications: Some medicines used to treat other health conditions can develop acne as a side effect such as certain antidepressants.

Genetics: Acne can be a problem that runs in certain families.

Sweat: In some cases, if sweat is trapped under tight clothing, can worsen your acne.

Hormones: In the teenage years, there are much hormonal changes in the body that can lead to Back acne For women who are past puberty, acne can be associated to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menstruation.

Stress: It is not to be a direct cause of acne, but it can accelerate acne.

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How to Treat Back Acne?

One can get rid of back acne by changing the lifestyles and by use of at-home remedies. The following are the key things you can do to get rid of the back acne:


By use of an exfoliating scrub and ingredients such as salicylic acid, gently scrub your back to remove extra oils and dirt from your skin. This helps to reduce the dead skin that can clog the skin pores.

Showering After Work

Allowing dirt and sweat to sit on your skin after an activity can contribute to back acne. After a workout, shower as soon as you can. Make an effort also of washing the sweaty workout clothes between the sweat sessions.

Avoid Tight Clothing

There are workout habits that can irritate the back acne. For instance, tight clothing can trap sweat and dirt, rubbing it into the pores. Sometimes, working out without a shirt against a sweaty gym machine or a dirty floor can bring more problems. Choose clothing that is loose-fitting that will allow your skin to breath and helps to wick away the sweat.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

This oil is made from the leaves of a certain tree in Australia. It has been used in Australia for many years to treat skin various skin conditions. Nowadays, there are many cleansers, creams, and lotions that use the ingredient. Some studies have shown that it might help to treat acne by killing extra bacteria.

Keep Hair Off Your Back

Long hair can add dirt and oil to the skin of your back, leading to acne outbreaks. Wash the hair regularly, and put it in a ponytail or bun during the sweat seasons. Do not let shampoo or conditioner to run down on your back. This is because the ingredients in the products can cause the clogging of the skin pores.

Carefully Choose Your Sunscreen

It is important to protect your skin from damaging sun, in particular when you are exposing your bare back. However, greasy sunscreen can lead to clogging pores. Ensure you choose products that are light and oil-free.

Eat Healthy

A diet that is unhealthy can affect your body in a variety of ways. Certain foods could be triggers to acne. Studies show that a diet that is high on glycemic index (GI), which means it can quickly raise the blood sugar levels, can worsen the back acne. Such foods include white pasta, rice, and white potatoes.

Practice eating a healthy balanced diet with much of:
Whole grains
Lean protein

Back acne is a condition that can be treated by use of at-home remedies. However, if they fail, visit a dermatologist who can prescribe medicated creams or oral medications. The specialist will also try to find out the triggers and causes of your back acne.

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