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10 Tips to Stop Sugar Addiction

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10 Tips to Stop Sugar Addiction

10 Tips to Stop Sugar Addiction
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Sugar is one of the biggest hurdles to achieving the body you want. Studies show that sugar is the most craved food by humans from birth. Have you ever wondered why sugar craving occur in the first place? Sugar contains carbohydrates which stimulate the release of feel-good hormone serotonin so we crave it.

There are ways of getting rid of these cravings, some are mentioned below.

1. Introduce healthy fat

Healthy dietary fat is important to combat sugar addiction. If we lack healthy fats in our diet our bodies crave more carbohydrates and sugar is the best source of it. This leads to more cravings for sugar and added sugar intake. These monounsaturated fats help balance our biochemistry resulting in less desire to eat sugary foods.

2. Eat three regular meals

Eating regular meals high in essential nutrients is important if you want to give up sugar. Your diet should contain nutrients like dietary fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids along with other vitamins and minerals. Fiber is known to reduce sugar cravings. A regular supply of essential nutrients will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels which help control cravings.

3. Avoid simple carbohydrates

There are some foods that while not a direct source of sugar but turn into sugar once they enter our bodies. Foods that are simple carbohydrates include white bread, white pasta, and sodas should be avoided until the addiction is under control.

4. Avoid emotional eating

We often eat more sugar when we are emotional. Try to stay away from food when you are overly happy or sad. Sugar makes our brain release serotonin so when we are sad we crave sugar more.

10 Tips to Stop Sugar Addiction

5. Eat enough good food

Another tip to avoid sugar addiction is to eat enough food so that you don’t have room for sugar. Munching healthy whole foods like vegetables and lean protein will fill your stomach and derail the sugar cravings.

6. Keep sugar out of your house

Foods such as white and brown sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, and cookies should not be kept in the house if you have sugar cravings. When sugar is not there you will not bother going out to buy it every time.

7. Be patient

Stopping anything takes time to go away completely. Patience is key. Don’t think that it will happen in a week or two.

8. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is helpful in fighting sugar cravings. Regular physical activity keeps blood sugar balanced and helps you combat cravings.

9. Don’t look at food

Studies show that when people look at food items online or in newspapers they tend to eat more of those products. When you are online or reading the newspaper try not to visit websites that show food products because looking at them will make you crave them more.

10. Avoid just one approach

When we are giving up something the body desires we often think having just one won’t hurt. Get rid of this approach and understand that you are dealing with an addiction. The ‘just one’ leads to another. Try to eradicate it completely and strengthen your willpower.

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