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Every time we give, we automatically receive

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Every time we give, we automatically receive

Most people go around believing that when they give they are emptying themselves, or are giving something up in the process. In order for them to feel significant, they unconsciously attempt to fill that “gap” with
someone else’s approval or praise. When it doesn’t happen, they seem to be disappointed. In order to be happy in life, we must recognize that every time we give, we automatically receive. The feeling of giving is the gift!
If you focus your energy on the great acts you commit to everyday, you will constantly experience fulfillment.

-Daniel Chidiac-


Excerpt from “Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO” by Daniel Chidiac. Being
released early 2012.

Daniel Chidiac has dedicated his life to finding the answers to “why some people are living an extraordinary life, while others are never really fulfilled?” Through his journey he has modeled the most successful people known to man, traveled overseas to meet with leaders who have the strongest mindset on the planet, interacted with exceptional achievers and coached people from all the around the globe. 

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