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4 Ways to Curb Your Jealousy

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4 Ways to Curb Your Jealousy

4 Ways to Curb Your Jealousy

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Jealousy can often feel like a monster, rising up within and possessing the mind and spirit. Jealousy and other negative emotions are often overwhelming and can have a tremendously disruptive impact on mental state and behavior. There are many triggers for jealousy such as seeing a partner flirting with another man or woman, coveting a neighbor’s new car, or envying the glamorous life depicted by a celebrity on reality television.


However there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to beat back the green eyed monster and better control jealous emotions. Learning to become more strategic in dealing with feelings of jealousy will result in greater calm and harmony in the mind and a more positive approach to the world and the people around you. Here are a four great methods to become more adept at dodging jealousy the next time it strikes:

Become !ntimate With Emotions Through Mindfulness
Modern life is often filled with distractions, stress and negative feelings. The first step to controlling jealousy is to become more aware of your overall emotions and how to better manage them. Take time to do a simple meditation for five to ten minutes when waking up or before sleep. Say “in” and “out” with each breath until you have achieved a feeling of awareness. As emotions and thoughts flow through your mind, allow negative emotions and feelings to dissipate naturally. Become aware that your emotions and your mind are separate and that you therefore have the power to simply let go of negative emotions like jealousy.

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Get Out Into the Woods
Jealousy can be a very powerful and crippling emotion. The next time jealousy strikes, lace up your sneakers and head for the nearest park or trail. Exercise is the perfect weapon to help elevate your mood and diminish feelings of jealousy and exercising outside can have the greatest benefits. Being immersed in nature will provide a sense of perspective to help reduce the impact of jealous feelings, and beautiful natural environments will renew and enrich your spirit. Nature and healing go hand in hand and jealous feelings are no match for a vigorous run, walk, swim or hike.

Getting involved with a local community organization or charity and helping serve the less fortunate will remind you of all the wonderful things you have in your own life. The targets of your jealousy will start to feel petty as you more fully realize the richness of your own life. In addition, the feeling of self worth you will be rewarded with after helping others and becoming more involved in your community will be a huge boost to your self esteem and meeting new friends and neighbors will be an added bonus! Feelings of gratitude and self confidence can be a very strong antidote to jealousy.

Love Yourself More
Jealousy can often be an expression of insecurity. Becoming more compassionate and loving toward yourself will make you better equipped to recognize and eliminate jealousy from your life. Imagine that you were giving advice to a good friend – what would you say to make him or her feel better? Now direct that compassion inwards, towards yourself. Remind yourself of all the wonderful attributes that you have and all the reasons that people love you. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love and deserve your own compassion. As an easy healing meditative practice close your eyes and visualize your closest friends, inspirational teachers, family and other loved ones gathered around you and send your love and energy out to them in the form of brilliant rainbow colored beams of light. Now add the subjects of your jealousy to the group as well. Include them in the loving and radiant light that you are sending out into the world.

Jealousy is one of the most commonly arising negative emotions and many people share the battle of grappling with jealous feelings on a day to day basis. Instead of feeling guilty about jealous feelings, take a proactive role in identifying jealousy when it rears its head and then banishing the green eyed monster from your mind.

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