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7 Alternatives to Unhealthy Habits

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7 Alternatives to Unhealthy Habits

7 Alternatives to Unhealthy Habits
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie dawson

1. If your pep comes from a bottle

Before you reach for anther caffeine-charged energy drink have a glass of water or seltzer. It may be a side-effect of fluid loss that feels like fatigue to you. You are likely to feel tired even if you are so slightly dehydrated that you don’t even feel thirsty. Mild dehydration can be caused by caffeine’s diuretic properties and energy drinks have stimulants which are up to 5 times more than those in cola.

2. If your body is in another time zone

You can get back to the dream liner and pull a string of all-nighters. Stop eating for 16 hours in order to avoid the subsequent week of jet-lagged sleep-deprived misery. Consult your doctor before fasting.

3. If your job requires you to be deskbound

Your good cholesterol drops with your metabolism if you sit still for more than two hours. Standing or taking a small walk even for one minute is better than sitting the entire day then taking a 10 minute walk. If there is an option to use stairs opt for it instead of elevators during work hours.

4. After lunch your teeth get fuzzy

If you don’t brush after every meal, use detergent or add water. Fibrous foods like celery, apples, and carrots are detergents and scrub away debris as you chew. Acids are neutralized and food particles are washed away with water. We make more saliva by chewing gum. These are short-term solutions and can’t replace brushing and flossing for long.

7 Alternatives to Unhealthy Habits

5. If you don’t think before munching

At times we eat robotically without thinking. One should identify what leads to this type of eating. The cue, mood, or setting can be different for everyone. Finding these cues and working on them can be helpful to avoid this type of eating. If someone usually eats popcorn while watching a movie, he should try to use his non-dominant hand which reduces consumption. Try to identify when and where you are most likely to go into auto-feed mode and eat something healthy just before that.

6. If you cannot give up smoking

It can be difficult to fight the urge to smoke. Chewing gum can be a great alternative for smokers. One can also opt for flavored toothpicks which are specially designed to curb cigarette cravings. Dark chocolates are considered to be a great alternative for smoking.

7. If you use nasal sprays

If you know that you are a nasal spray addict and you cannot stop using nasal spray if your nose feels burned or you cannot smell anything, a nasal steroid spray can be an alternative to this. Consult your doctor and he will help with this problem.

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