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Dressing Tricks to Hide Love Handles

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Dressing tricks to Hide Love Handles

By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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Never wear a belt

If your love handles are evident never wear a belt and opt to wear jeans of a larger size if you wish to banish the muffin top. Extra curves can be hidden by an A-Line dress or high-waisted jeans. Summer dresses that flare out from the waist look nice.

Dressing tricks to Hide Love Handles

Wear bottom clothes from the waistline

Wear shorts, trousers, or skirts from the waistline, not around the hips, it can be the most effective way to hide love handles. When worn from the waistline, it prevents the hip and belly from dividing and spilling over the sides. Love handles can be hidden by high-waisted skirts and trousers.

Wear a waistcoat or corset

Corsets come in handy to hide love handles as they are worn to hold and shape the upper body. They are generally tight-fitting and are successful in hiding love handles as they don’t allow flesh to spill over the sides. The same goal can be achieved by wearing a waistcoat as wearing corsets for an entire day can be uncomfortable.

Double Corset

Mind the material

Choosing the right kind of material is important when hiding love handles. Material that clings to your body should be avoided. Stay away from elastic as it clings so much.

Dressing tricks to Hide Love Handles

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Wear black clothes

Black is a slimming color. Opt for black or dark colored tops, especially around the middle if you would like to hide your love handles.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Opting for baggy clothes can increase a person’s perceived size rather than streamlining but many people still turn to baggy clothes to hide bulges. Extremely tight clothes should be avoided. Opt for something that fits your body perfectly and keep in mind the kind of material, something soft that flows without cling is nice.

Consider the layered look

A loose open cardigan or tunic with a fitted tee and pants that are perfectly fitted should be chosen to get a look of trim middle. Layered look can not only hide love handles but can also create an exciting new look.

Choose the weight and quality of fabric

One should wisely choose the weight and quality of fabrics in their wardrobe. Cheap, thin knits would cling in all the wrong places revealing your love handles whereas while fabric with more heft tends to hide your love handles much more effectively.

If everything fails, invest in a body slimmer or sharper

Your mid section will be whittled down with these stretchy and surprisingly comfortable undergarments. Even some celebrities use body slimmer or sharper to hide their love handles.


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