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The Best Ways To Eliminate Belly Fat

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The Best Ways To Eliminate Belly Fat

The Best Ways To Eliminate Belly Fat

In today’s world when many of us are struggling to look slim and fit it becomes important to eliminate the worst thing in our body, “belly fat.” Few things are more troublesome than this area of fitness. It is really important to control your belly or it can make you look odd, so let’s discuss the best ways to eliminate this unwanted belly fat:

Let’s start with the primary cause – eating junk food in large portions and not exercising or moving enough. One thing you should get into your head that there is no one right way that will work for everyone. Things like metabolic rate, body type, hormonal variances, and level of activity should be considered before you choose your personal right way.

Often a good plan will work well but if you have no plan the best way is to follow the Paleolithic diet, based on the caveman’s diet and includes wild animals and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget they used to walk everywhere and so should you, walk a lot. Try brisk walking like a caveman. Foods like dairy products, grains, refined sugar, and processed oils are not in this diet as they were not available at that time.

If you are up for intense planned training this can completely change your body structure, strength training changes your internal physiology for up to 72 hours after one intense session. This changes your nutritional needs by recovering and repairing your tissues. Anaerobic training does more for you than low intensity daily activities. The three top things are strength training to boost the basal metabolic rate, walking to enhance non-exercise specific calorie burning without the adverse drawbacks of traditional cardio like hormonal and joint stress, and a moderate carbohydrate diet to fuel and recover from anaerobic training. You have got to train, live, and look like an athlete.

Moving forward and deeper let’s talk about the causes and the factors responsible for accumulated belly fat:

• Concentrated fructose and trans-fats from the modern American diet

These two elements are the worst for body composition and overall body health. Research shows that both of these are linked to many troublesome diseases, insulin resistance, and abdominal obesity.

The Best Ways to Eliminate Belly Fats

To reduce trans fats avoid packaged and refined products, fried foods, and anything and that includes hydrogenated oil and margarine. As for fructose, try to cut down concentrated sources of fructose like corn syrup, sugar (which is technically one molecule of glucose along with one molecule of fructose), dried fruits, and fruit juices. The recommended amount of fructose is much smaller than what is in a typical American diet. The best way is to get it from seasonal whole fruit which is natural and healthy.

Note: Sticking to even this single rule will solve your more than 90% of your problems. Everything else is related to your body type and the factors mentioned above.

• Toxins

Extra body fat keeps in extra calories and toxins. Ingesting toxins through the environment or food causes your belly to store excess fat. You can avoid toxin exposure by buy or growing organic produce. Pesticides in produce act as toxins. Cut your alcohol consumption which your body sees as toxic, and avoid packaged snacks and foods. This may seem difficult but as soon as you start craving these snacks, just think of the toxins present in them in the form of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Eat more detoxifying products like organic vegetables. Stay away from detoxifying products or supplements that claim to be 100% natural.

• Stress

Family, financial, business, and corporate factors in today’s lifestyle cause a lot of pressure and stress. To be practical realize these factors are bound to occur, but we should try things that can help reduce stress and pressure. Intense strength training is a physical stress but it has a soothing effect on your mind and can be an emotional release. The best way to reduce stress is meditation. Going for a long walk when work is getting on your nerves can help. Another thing is touching your ring finger’s tip to your thumb’s tip (keeping other fingers straight) in both hands while sitting in cross-legged position instantly reduces stress and depression.

There are many other options like deep breathing, hitting a punching bag, yoga, and stretching, that can help but only one or two work best for each individual, try to choose what’s best for you personally. Another most beautiful factor is love, that comes above all else. Love and be loved.

• Excessive consumption of coffee

There is no doubt that coffee keeps us active, but research proves that caffeine can elevate cortisol levels. If enjoyed in moderate amounts it can help you reduce fat by increasing lipolysis and acting as a thermogenic, but if you are coffee addict and need it every hour or two it can do more harm than good. Try getting energy from real food, not from harmful energy drinks and several cups of coffee.

To stay fit and remove belly fat you need to be strict, but not live a life without pleasures, you can commit 80% to 85% of your time to following your plan and the remaining 15% – 20% living a life desired by you. This will keep you alive and enthusiastic.

One irritating thing is when you are fit everywhere else but have fat on your belly. This is often from an extremely low carb diet meant for sick and sedentary people being used by otherwise healthy people. Different people should have different diet plans that are perfect for their body type and health concerns. Cutting carbs during your training period makes your body stay in a constant catabolic state where cortisol is the dominating hormone, your muscles won’t grow well and the breakdown of lean muscle tissue as fuel results in accumulation of belly fat.

Other Helpful Factors

• Eat slowly
Your body takes at least 20 minutes to signal your brain that you’re full. Try eating slowly and mindfully.

• Eat more vegetables
Eat green leafy vegetables as well as other colors, they are all sources of health benefits and is the best way to increase fiber in your diet.

• Eat a reasonable amount of healthy fat daily
The ideal ratio of omega-3s in relation to omega-6s is less than 1:4. Olives, olive oil, avocados, and macadamia nuts are good sources of healthy fat. You can also get small portions from coconut, butter, and nuts, they contain good saturated fat.


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