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15 Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

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15 Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

15 Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

1. Stain removal

Eucalyptus oil can be used as an effective stain remover, use a mixture of eucalyptus oil and laundry powder. Rub the affected area with this mixture and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with water to see the stain wash away.

2. For Asthma patients

Eucalyptus oil is useful for people with asthma. In case of an asthma attack take 2 drops of this oil and massage it on your chest. You can also diffuse its aroma in the air or directly inhale it.

3. Diabetes

Eucalyptus oil is used to cure diabetes. It increases circulation which is helpful in curing diabetes. Mix the oil with body lotion and massage on your body after taking a shower to improve circulation.

4. Pneumonia

This oil is helpful for people with pneumonia. Massaging the oil directly over the lungs clears them.

5. Tennis elbow

A deep massage with eucalyptus oil is highly recommended for those with tennis elbow. Finding an expert massage therapist specializing in tennis elbow is suggested.

6. Relief of cold sores

Eucalyptus is useful for curing cold sores. It helps reduce pain and shortens the duration with powerful antiviral effects. It also helps in fighting chicken pox and shingles.

7. Fighting fever

Eucalyptus oil can be used to bring down body temperature from fever. Put 2 drops of oil on a cool cloth and rub it on the sides of your body, feet, and chest. Its cooling properties help fight fever.

15 Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

8. Insect repellent

Eucalyptus oil is used around the globe to cure insect bites. Eucalyptus plants are grown worldwide to stop malaria from spreading.

9. Antiseptic

Eucalyptus oil is a great antiseptic. Its used on topical cuts, wounds, surgical dressings, and scrapes. Many of the antiseptic gels available in the market today contain this oil as the primary antiseptic ingredient.

10. Expectorant

A massage of one drop of this oil on reflex points of the feet and another drop on the chest drains mucus out of the lungs. Try this once a day and if no sensitivity is found repeat it three times a day for better results.

11. Toilet cleaner

Eucalyptus oil mixed with baking soda and vinegar becomes a great toilet cleaner. Its disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties make it useful in the bathroom. It also deodorizes the bathroom.

12. Dysentery

Eucalyptus oil can be used to ease diarrhea and inflammation. Its also used to fight flu and infections. You can take 2 drops of this oil and massage them over the abdomen counter-clockwise for best results.

13. Head lice removal

The anti-bacterial properties of eucalyptus oil make it useful for head lice removal. Mix this oil with your regular shampoo and apply it to hair. Prolonged use will prevent head lice from growing.

14. Strained muscles

Fatigue, strained, and torn muscles can be treated with this oil. Its ideal for people who indulge in intense weight training. Massaging the oil near the heart builds up lactic acid through the lymphatic system.

15. Arterial vasodilator

This oil will help in dilating the circulatory system which results in increased circulation. One drop massaged over area of concern is recommended.

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Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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