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10 Reasons to Smile More

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10 Reasons to Smile More

10 Reasons to Smile More
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

It boosts your immune system

Smiling enhances the immune system of our bodies which makes us more resistant to disease. Various studies have found that smiling lowers heart rate, steadies breathing, and helps us relax. This creates a chemical change which strengthens the immune system. Smiling also helps to avoid flu and the common cold.

Lowers blood pressure

Smiling is good for people with high blood pressure by elevating endorphins which lowers blood pressure. Studies show a measurable difference in blood pressure before and after smiling.

Increases life

We generally smile when we feel positive and that leads to higher life expectancy. Columbia University found that people who laugh more often are less likely to become a victim of heart disease. Numerous benefits of smiling lead to a better, longer, and healthier life.

Look younger

A smile is the best cosmetic and its free. It gives your face a radiant glow by plumping up skin cells. In a study conducted by Orbit Complete it was found that 69% of people find smiling women more attractive, men prefer a woman’s smile over make-up.

De-stressing technique

Smiling is one of the greatest de-stressing techniques in the world. When you smile, even if you are not happy it signals your brain that you are happy which lowers heart rate and eliminates stress. Next time you are feel stressed about anything take a deep breath and smile.

10 reasons to smile more

Increases attention

Smiling increases the productivity of a person while performing tasks. Stress limits our perceptions and narrows our attention span. Smiling widens our focus, making us more capable of multitasking and gives us insight that arises from perception and subconscious.

Look better

A smile makes people look more attractive to others. Smiling relaxes facial muscles which results in well-shaped facial muscles that enhance attractiveness.

Kills pain

One study found that smiling and laughter act as natural pain killers. We laugh when we are happy, which releases endorphins and lifts our mood. When you are hurt or are in pain, watch your favourite comedy or spend time with people who make you laugh.

Encourages trust

Studies show that when we smile genuinely at others we are perceived as more trustworthy. Trust is a critical part of our social life and when we smile strangers become acquaintances and acquaintances become friends.

Hiring potential

Smiling is the an important part of a successful interview. Smiling shows self-confidence and displays your friendly attitude.

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