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10 Interesting Facts About Cats You Didn’t Know About

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10 Interesting Facts About Cats You Didn't Know About

10 Interesting Facts About Cats You Didn’t Know About

Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

•Most tamed animal

The domestic cat is the most tamed four-legged animal and the favorite pet in America. According to a survey conducted by American pet product manufacturers association (APPMA), there are approximately 73 million cats in houses through out the country while there are 68 million dogs.

•Cats sleep 2/3 of their life

On average a cat sleeps for about 16 hours a day. If your cat is 9 years old, she has spent 6 years of her life sleeping. Felines often find a particular place they enjoy and make it their favorite napping spot.

•Cats have human-like emotions

Cats have emotions and feel happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, and playfulness. Though the range and depth of these emotions is debatable, studies have confirmed that kitties have the tendency to feeling human emotions. The gray matter of a cat’s brain shares similarities to the human brain.

•Cat bites are dangerous

Statistics show that every year around 40,000 people are bitten by a cat across the United States. According to Briarcliff Animal Hospital, cat bites are very dangerous and can lead to serious bacterial infection. It can be treated with penicillin, however if left unchecked, it can spread throughout your lymph system and in rare cases may lead to death.

Teeth of cats are sharper when they’re kittens. After six months, they lose their needle-sharp milk teeth.

•Cats have inbuilt GPS

Cats have the ability to find their way home if lost. Experts associate this capability with sunlight angles, magnetic field of earth, and PSI travelling. There are various documented cases where cats have completed long journeys from very distant places to reach home.


•Cats can use the toilet

Experts say there is no need to buy kitty litter for your cat. Cats can be trained to use human toilets and flush. Once trained, your cat will always find your toilet a comfortable place to answer calls of nature.

•Cats can jump high

As a matter of fact, cats can jump up to 5 times their own height in just one leap. What does this mean for a cat owner? Make sure you keep all the fragile items out of reach and if possible use china cabinets to keep your fragile collection from becoming your cat’s toy.

•Size doesn’t matter

Despite their tiny size a cat has almost 290 bones and 517 muscles while humans, who are much bigger in size, have only 206 bones. Cats rarely damage their bones and are generally unaffected by a fall. For Healthy cats Add Fat to their food because they can not produce fat after age 6 months .

•Cat’s tongue

Did you know that your cat’s tongue is divided into sections and each one is responsible for differentiating tastes? Cats cannot taste sweet things so don’t add sugar to your cat’s milk, it will be of no use. Chocolates are harmful to cats also. Cats rough tongues enable them to clean themselves efficiently and to lick clean an animal bone.

When your cat licks you, it feels like she’s running a piece of cute, pink sandpaper across your skin. The rough sensation is caused by the papillae on her tongue, which are basically tiny, backward-facing barbs made of keratin, the same stuff that’s found in human fingernails.

•Cat’s eye color

Have you ever noticed the color of your cat’s eyes? As a cat owner you may notice that as your cat ages his eye color changes. As most of us have heard, white cats with blue eyes are usually deaf. If a cat is white and has only one blue eye, he will likely be deaf in the ear associated with the blue eye. ( It Does not include Kittens ) Most Kittens are born with Blue Eyes and as they ages their eye color changes.

If your cat’s eyes are closed, it’s not necessarily because it’s tired. A sign of closed eyes means your cat is happy or pleased.

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