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Whiter Teeth Made Simple: 10 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

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Whiter Teeth Made Simple: 10 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Whiter Teeth Made Simple: 10 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Just picture yourself with strong, beautiful, white teeth to brighten your smile. Many people try in vain to whiten their teeth and maintain their smile. Yellow teeth often make us feel ashamed or embarrassed. Keeping your teeth naturally white is better for you than chemical based products as the chemical will eat away the enamel on your teeth. Here are some natural ways to keep your teeth white and healthy:

Lemon Juice

Lemon is good for keeping your teeth naturally white. Add a pinch of salt or baking soda in a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it. Apply this mixture to your teeth and rub it in. You can also eat lemons in their original form or rub their peel on your teeth if you can tolerate that. Excess use of lemon on your teeth may cause sensitivity due to its acidic properties, so use it moderately.


Carrots help to avoid yellow teeth. It helps to clean the tooth surface and prevent plaque accumulation due to its fibrous nature. The best part of using carrot is that unlike citrus fruits or vinegar it does not contain any acidic properties that may harm your teeth.


Brushing your teeth is the easiest way to keep your teeth clean and fresh. Make it a habit to brush your teeth for about 2 minutes each night and in the morning. Brush your teeth in circular motion covering every area.

10 Natural Ways to Keep your Teeth White


Strawberries give your teeth a clean and a polished look. You might find it an easy to keep habit as strawberries are sweet and tasty. They contain an enzyme called malic acid that works on your teeth and make them shine. Try it and feel the difference.

Evidence shows that eating a small amount of cheese after a meal may help prevent tooth decay and promote enamel re-mineralization.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables
Fruit contains an abrasive that can help remove stains from teeth and give the illusion that they are whiter. They act as nature’s tooth brush. Try munching on some apples, celery, cucumber, and broccoli, which have the abrasiveness to remove stains without causing harm to your teeth.

Baking Soda
Baking soda acts as an ultimate stain fighter. You can mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and create a paste for brushing. Do not swallow and rinse well.

baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate works well for keeping teeth stronger, healthier, and whiter. Dark chocolate contains a compound that helps strengthen your tooth enamel and helps protect against foods causing discoloration.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Some people think that after using apple cider vinegar it looks like their teeth were professionally cleaned. It is acidic in nature, avoid overuse.

Oil Pulling
Oil pulling helps keep your teeth whiter by reducing the amount of bacteria, fungus and other organisms in your mouth. It also helps buffer the teeth against the effects of acid. Here is a complete guide for oil pulling.

Whiter Teeth Made Simple: 10 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Edited By: Stephanie Dawson
[Last Reviewed on May 31st 2014]

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