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8 Natural Ways to Prevent Impotence

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8 Natural Ways to Prevent Impotence

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection that enables penetration and satisfactory $e*u@l relations. This problem is relatively common, 50% of all men over the age of 40 experience it at some time or another. There are a number of reasons for impotence, ranging from physical problems affecting blood supply to the penis to psychological ones, such as anxiety, depression, and stress.


The ability to achieve an erection can be influenced by many psychological and physical factors, but lifestyle and the quality of your relationship play an important role. If there are no serious underlying health issues or a physical reason for your problem, you may want to consider the following possibilities:

1- Eating a healthy diet that is low in saturated fats and contains all the essential nutrients for good health can be helpful. Make sure you get your daily portion of fruits and vegetables as well as omega-3 oils.

2- Regular exercise will improve blood flow, make you feel more energetic, and is a good way to relax and decrease stress. Working out in the gym, or going for a run, cycle, or even a brisk walk can help to put your worries and problems in perspective and make you feel better about yourself.

3- Take a candid look at your alcohol intake, too much alcohol can affect $e*u@l performance, so limit your consumption to a maximum of two drinks per day.

4- Some alternative practitioners think that too much caffeine can affect erectile function, so try cutting out regular cola, coffee, and tea and opting for decaf instead.

5- There is evidence that smoking can affect a man’s capacity to achieve a lasting erection. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, so quit smoking.

6- Examine your life and your relations to see if there are any areas that might be stressful and making you feel anxious, guilty, or depressed. Try to resolve any conflict with your partner, family members, or work colleagues. As there positive steps you can take to improve your lifestyle, reduce worries or stressful situations, and make you feel generally more content and relaxed?

7- To help impotence, do not be afraid to discuss your worries openly with your partner. With their support, you can avoid misunderstandings and overcome your problem, or avoid it.

8- Some medications can have an effect on the capacity to achieve a sustained erection. These include some prescribed medicines for high blood pressure, heart problems, and depression.

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